Halle Bailey Has ‘Perfect Face’ To Play Little Mermaid, Beauty Expert Says

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Halle Bailey has the ‘perfect face’ to play Ariel in The Little Mermaid, a beauty expert says.

The actress, who has a surprising link to Beyoncé, sadly faced a ton of backlash over her casting since the first glimpse of the Disney live-action dropped.

Social media trolls said that she is not what they envisioned when they imagined Ariel for the movie.

However, TikTok star Ellie-Jean Royden, who goes by the username @bodyandstyle, shared a clip that explains why Bailey is perfect for the role.

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In a video, that has accumulated more than 800,000 views, she says that the R&B singer possesses an ‘ethereal essence’.

On The Concept Wardrobe, this is described as someone who has a ‘mysterious, ethereal, [and] mystical’ vibe.

The site goes on to say that these looks are often associated with mythical creatures such as fairies and mermaids.

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In her video, Royden explains: “Unlike the other Disney princesses, Ariel is actually a fantasy creature. Even though some of the other Disney princesses have other magical powers, they are at the end of the day still human.

“Halle has an ethereal essence. Ethereal essence is a type of face that looks slightly uncanny. There’s something otherworldly about them.”

She continues: “Another word we use is angelic. So their facial features are very similar to those we find on statues of angels. So, they have elongated facial features that also have a softness to them.”

Halle Bailey
Halle Bailey has the ‘perfect face’ to play Ariel in The Little Mermaid, a beauty expert says. Credit: @hallebailey/Instagram

Royden goes on to break down Bailey’s face and points out how the actress follows this, as she has ‘wide-set eyes, [a] sharpness in her features’ through her ‘high cheekbones’ and ‘pointed chin’.

Elsewhere in the clip, Royden says that Baile also follows the ‘ingenue’ essence.

The Concept Wardrobe describes this as someone who has an ‘innocence and youthful femininity’. People may describe them as ‘gentle’, ‘cute’, and ‘pretty’.

The TikToker adds: “Ingenue is sweet, youthful-looking features. So that’s [a] short face, lips, short nose. Which helps her [Bailey] to convey Ariel’s innocence and naivety.”


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Thousands have taken to the comments of Royden’s post and agreed that Bailey is ‘perfect for the role’.

One viewer writes: “That’s exactly what I was thinking when she got picked. I was like OK it makes sense because of the Disney voice and ethereal look combo.”

“I thought her face looked perfect for the role the first time I saw it announced,” a second says.

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Someone else comments: “This is EXACTLY what I thought!! She has a very ethereal, fantasy look about her and is still so beautiful. She LOOKS like a mermaid.”

“She’s absolutely gorgeous,” a fourth adds. “And not only is she ethereally pretty, but she can also sing like an angel.”

While a fifth says: “I’ve thought about this! She’s literally one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, AND she has the voice!”

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