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Woman Names Her Daughter After A Disney Character: ‘I Don’t Care If People Hate It’

Influencer Indy Clinton has sparked a backlash on social media as she's named her daughter after a Disney character.
Credit: @indyclinton/Instagram

A mum has been criticised for giving her baby an unusual name inspired by a popular Disney character. 

The landscape of baby naming has experienced a dramatic transformation in recent years.

Traditional names like John, Mary, William, and Elizabeth are increasingly giving way to a new wave of creativity and individuality.

Gone are the days when a classroom was filled with multiple children answering to the same name.

Nowadays, parents want something that stands out, conveying a sense of individuality.

For one mum, this has led to a backlash and she’s been forced to defend her choice.

Indy and Bambi Clinton
The influencer has been criticised for naming her baby after a Disney character. Credit: @indyclinton/Instagram

Australian fitness and lifestyle blogger Indy Clinton initially planned to name her second child Paloma but in the end, opted for something entirely different.

While some say they love the name she’s chosen, others say it’ll lead to the child being ‘ridiculed’.

“Imagine being an adult named this. These baby names are mad these days,” one person says.

Sarcastically, a second comments: “Are you naming humans that will be adults one day? Or kittens?”

“Definitely bring up the fact that kids are cruel. A unique name isn’t something to shy away from but a unique name that is indelibly tied to a character may not be desirable to your kid,” a third person pens. “Now imagine being in middle school with a Disney name.”

Defending the infant’s name, one fan writes: “People need to shut it. She can name her baby anything she wants. I think it’s adorable.”

In agreement, another adds: “Congratulations! It’s a wonderful name for your baby.”

“So happy, love the name,” a third person comments.

Indy Clinton
Influencer Indy Clinton named her daughter Bambi, just like the movie character. Credit: @indyclinton/Instagram

Clinton named her daughter Bambi, just like the 1942 Disney classic.

The influencer said her little girl’s ‘sweet, curious nature’ and ‘big brown eyes’ reminded her of the beloved cartoon deer, per MailOnline.

“When I was giving birth, I was convinced Bambi was the most unique, unusual name that nobody would use,” Clinton explained.

“We were set on calling her Paloma at first. That was her name, and nothing was going to change that. But I was reading the book to Navy [her son] one night and it came to me. I sat up and yelled, ‘What about Bambi?’ and from then on it stuck.”

Clinton is unfazed by people’s criticism of her choice – she says ‘unique names are the new trend’ and ‘people will criticise anything’.

She added: “She couldn’t be a Paloma now – she’s my Bambilicious.”

Indy Clinton
Indy Clinton says she doesn’t care that people won’t like her baby’s name. Credit: @indyclinton/Instagram

Clinton isn’t the only person to have gone viral after naming their daughter Bambi – former Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague named her little girl the same.

According to, Bambi ‘is a diminutive form of the Italian word ‘bambino’, which means child’.

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