YouTube Star Diagnosed With Cancer

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A YouTube star has sadly been diagnosed with cancer.

Hank Green, 43, is best known for running the channel Vlogbrothers alongside his sibling John – who is the author of novels such as ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ and ‘Paper Towns’.

They have 3.62 million subscribers and document their visits to different locations and interact with viewers as they explain peculiar facts.

Green is also the co-creator of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries – which went on to become the first web series to win an Emmy Award.

Along with his successful YouTube channel, Green is an accomplished author and two of his novels have debuted as New York Times best sellers.

Watch Hank Green tell his fans about his condition below…

Green has recently taken to his YouTube channel to share some heartbreaking news.

In a video posted on May 19, the YouTuber informed his viewers that he has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

According to the NHS, this is an uncommon form of cancer that develops in the lymphatic system – which is a network of vessels and glands that are spread throughout your body.

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In his YouTube video, Green tells his fans that he has ‘good news, bad news’.

“One is cancer,” he says.

“It’s called lymphoma. It’s a cancer of the lymphatic system. And [the] good news is something called Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

“It’s like one of the most treatable cancers. It responds very well to treatment. The goal is cure.”

Green will be undergoing chemotherapy to treat the cancer – which he claims he will be starting soon.

The ‘An Absolutely Remarkable Thing’ author has understandably shared some concerns about the diagnosis – which he describes as an ‘identity’ that has been ‘thrust upon’ him.

Hank Green
Hank Green has told fans that he has sadly been diagnosed with cancer. Credit: Vlogbrothers via YouTube.

Green continues: “I’m wrestling with the reality that this is now part of how people are going to imagine me.

“It’s like it’s an identity that I’m having thrust upon me, which happens to people all the time.

“And it’s totally the thing that I will get over but I do like I do just kind of say it out loud that like I want to be like fun goofy science guy. Not like struggling with anxiety, cancer.”

The YouTuber goes on to say that he has a close friend who previously went through chemotherapy and they have answered any questions and concerns that Green has had.

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He adds that even though the brothers’ audience will understand if he takes breaks from posting content, he still plans to update fans on his battle – possibly in the form of a newsletter.

Green also says that he doesn’t want health advice, but rather recommendations on upbeat films, TV series and video game recommendations from those who sign up for his newsletter.

He finishes his video by saying: “I hope this isn’t my last Vlogbrothers video for four months or whatever.

“If it is, it is. I don’t want to put pressure on me.”

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