Helen Mirren Hits Back At Stereotype That Older Women ‘Shouldn’t Have Long Hair’

Helen Mirren has hit back at the stereotype that older women 'shouldn't have long hair' on ITV's Lorraine.
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Helen Mirren has hit back at the stereotype that older women ‘shouldn’t have long hair’.

Mirren, 77, is an actress who has won numerous awards across a stellar career spanning nearly 60 years.

Most notably, she won an Oscar for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in The Queen. 

She’s also outspoken about societal issues of all kinds – and has now taken aim at those who think older women should keep their hair short.

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Mirren has recently been showing off her new look while promoting her role as villain Hespera in the Shazam! Fury of the Gods film.

Now, Mirren says she grew her hair out during lockdown as she ‘couldn’t be bothered’ to cut it and is planning to keep it long-term.

Appearing on Lorraine, Mirren slams the opinion that older women aren’t ‘supposed’ to have long hair, as it often thins with age.

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She says: “You’re not supposed to have longer hair after a certain age.

“But during the pandemic, I started growing my hair and I hadn’t actually had long hair since I was in my 20s.

“And it sort of grew and grew and grew, and I couldn’t be bothered to cut it, basically.

“I thought, do you know what, it’s pretty cool, I think I’ll stick with it for a little while. It will come off eventually.

“But I’m kind of enjoying it, it’s quite radical.”

Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren has hit back at the stereotype that older women ‘shouldn’t have long hair’. Credit: ITV

On being considered an icon for women over 60 years old, she says: “Life doesn’t stop.

“And creativity doesn’t stop and passion doesn’t stop and energy doesn’t stop, unless you decide to stop it.

‘So it’s just, be self-motivated, really, and never give up. And find enjoyment, if it’s possible in your life.”

Ditching her signature short hair for longer, platinum-dyed locks, Mirren’s hair now looks more as it did when she shot to fame back in the 1970s.

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She’s also vowed to defy beauty standards for older women, claiming that her generation has been treated in an ‘ageist’ fashion for ‘far too long’.

Speaking to Grazia in 2019, Mirren said: “‘It’s extremely annoying to women of my generation and others following mine to have beauty products sold on a 15-year-old face.”

She explained that she doesn’t like using the term ‘beauty’ as it makes those who are insecure about their looks feel ‘immediately excluded’.

Mirren said: “They’ll think, ‘Well, I’m not very beautiful. It’s all very well for all these beautiful women, but I don’t feel beautiful’.

“I don’t want to exclude these people from feeling fabulous about themselves.”

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