Jane Moore Speaks Out On Jamal Edwards’ Cause Of Death

Jane Moore has spoken out about Jamal Edwards' cause of death. 
Credit: @jamaledwards/Instagram & ITV via YouTube

Jane Moore has spoken out about Jamal Edwards’ cause of death

The Loose Women panellist has opened up about her co-star, Brenda Edwards, and the loss of her son, who reportedly ‘died from a heart attack’ earlier this week.

In her latest column for The Sun, Moore described the ‘unconscionable’ pain his family will be going through.

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Jamal Edwards
Jane Moore has spoken out about Jamal Edwards’ cause of death. Credit: @jamaledwards/Instagram

She penned: “The first thing I remember about Jamal Edwards is his smile. It lit up the room.

“The second thing I remember is his humility. He was tall and of solid build but he could blend into the background with ease, always standing back in the promotion of others.”

The columnist continued: “On Sunday, Jamal, who was 31, died of a heart attack and leaves behind his grieving mother Brenda – my fellow Loose Women panellist – and younger sister Tanisha.

“Their pain is unconscionable and there are no words I can write to change that.”

Moore went on to describe him as a ‘gentle giant’ who ‘gave so much’.

Concluding the column, she wrote: “He earned success, kept the door open and helped so many others to walk through it.

“In 2012, he wrote: ‘We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will’.

“A fitting epitaph for a gentle giant among men who created, and gave, so much.”

Jamal Edwards
Credit: @jamaledwards/Instagram

On a recent episode of Loose Women, the panellists expressed their outrage at how the news of Edwards’ death was initially spread on social media over the weekend, although the family hadn’t officially confirmed the news.

Panellist Charlene White stated: “The opportunity to share Brenda’s loss and the family’s loss was taken away from Brenda because of various people on social media who decided to tell Brenda’s story and Jamal’s story without consulting Brenda, which was not fair in any shape or form.

“We understand a lot of Jamal’s incredible work was done through social media – he is a powerhouse, he changed the UK music scene in a way that we’ve not seen for generations – but what people have to understand is, there is work-life and there is family life and there is home life.

“It should have been Brenda who was able to choose when the world knew about her loss and that was taken away from her.”

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