Jeffrey Dahmer Interviewer Explains Why Serial Killer Ate His Victims

The only journalist to have a one-on-one interview with Jeffrey Dahmer while he was in prison has explained why he ate his victims.
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The only journalist to have a one-on-one interview with Jeffrey Dahmer while he was in prison has explained why he ate his victims.

Nancy Glass had a televised discussion with the serial killer after he murdered 17 men and boys.

Appearing on the Australian radio show The Kyle and Jackie O Show, the reporter recalled some of her discussions with Dahmer, including the reason why he ate some of his victims.

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When asked by the hosts why he would do it, Glass responded: “He chose to eat them because he wanted them to be a part of him.

“He was so desperate, so desperately lonely, so ashamed of being gay.

“So he had to touch everybody and they could not touch him.”

Glass then explains that he had bonding issues that stemmed from his mother not allowing anyone to touch him ‘except to change his diaper’.

Dahmer’s father Lionel had previously pushed the blame onto his mother, Joyce, who he claimed neglected her son and took a variety of pills during the pregnancy.

Glass also added that both of his parents, who divorced when he was 18, were ‘very, very odd’ when he was killed in prison in November 1994 at age 34.

His father was particularly upset by his son’s early death because he wanted Dahmer ‘to convert people to Christianity in prison, and [he] didn’t get the chance’.

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The hosts then asked the reporter if at any point she had sympathy for Dahmer, despite all the things he had done, to which she responded ‘no’.

Glass continued: “Look, you guys interview how many people and I’m the same as you are, you go at it from a very professional standpoint.

“When you’re interviewing a politician, you’re careful not to judge, but to ask the question so that everyone listening can judge and that was my job.”

She also explained how it took over a year to get the exclusive interview and she got close to both the murderer and his family.

“I was involved with the family for several years. And the father [Lionel Dahmer] never thought anything was wrong [with Jeffrey]. He never noticed it,” she said.

Glass spoke about her first interaction with the ‘Milwaukee Monster’ and how he ‘seemed perfectly normal’.

The journalist continued: “The super scary part [was] he seemed perfectly normal. That’s terrifying.

“It was odd. I mean, you can hear the way he’s talking to me is very thoughtful. He contemplated, but he’s a psychopath.

“He says to me, ‘I’m sorry for what I did’. But he’s a psychopath. He doesn’t even know what those words mean.”

Glass also went on to explain that Dahmer’s first murder ‘was an accident’ but he then wanted to ‘make zombies’ so killed others in a premeditated fashion.

“He injected drugs into people. He drilled holes in some and poured acid into everything he could because he wanted to create a zombie,” she said.

The interest in Dahmer has risen over the past month due to the Netflix series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which details the horrific murders he committed.

In a separate interview with The Sun, Glass added that she has interviewed other serial killers and he ‘wasn’t like any of them’.

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She continued: “His mind is not like yours and mine. He was so twisted.

“The only thing that is fair is the truth. I’m not there to prosecute him, but by telling the truth, people realise what evil was there, and the intentionality of it.

“I’ve interviewed other serial killers, and he wasn’t like any of them.”

Despite forging a relationship with Dahmer’s family, they were mad at Glass because they believed the interview pictured him as a monster.

The serial killer was sentenced him 15 consecutive life sentences in 1992 but was killed two years later by fellow inmate Christopher Scarver.

He said Dahmer crossed the line by taunting inmates about ‘his lush for human flesh’.

However, Glass believes that was what he actually wanted, telling the pair: “I did ask him are you gonna go to heaven or hell? And he said, ‘Well, that’s a good question’.

“He wanted to die. He stayed up all night and he slept all day because he couldn’t do his passions.

“So he really wanted to die.

“And he aggravated every other inmate until somebody [fellow prisoner Christopher Scarver] finally killed him.”

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