Jeremy Clarkson Called Out For Saying Meghan Markle’s Tears At Queen’s Funeral ‘Weren’t Real’

Jeremy Clarkson is being called out for doubting whether Meghan Markle's tears at the Queen's funeral 'were real'. 
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Jeremy Clarkson is being called out for doubting whether Meghan Markle’s tears at the Queen’s funeral ‘were real’. 

The Clarkson’s Farm star wrote in his column for The Sun that he agreed with Piers Morgan and felt the Duchess of Sussex was putting on a show.

He penned: “I don’t want to sound like Piers Morgan, who’s obsessed with the Markle, because I never want to sound like Piers Morgan.

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“But I’m afraid there’s no way around it. He’s right. And I am going to sound like him when I say, ‘Those two are unhinged’.”

Clarkson continued: “Sure, we were shown pictures of you crying at the funeral but you’re an actor, for crying out loud. Not a very good one, I admit, but an actor nevertheless.

“And actors can cry on demand. Even I can. And, on a number of occasions, have.

“I very much doubt those tears were real. Because why would you cry at the funeral of someone who fronted an organisation that you very obviously despise.”

After hearing Clarkson’s thoughts on Markle, many people have taken to social media and criticised the former Top Gear host.

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One said: “Oh for goodness sake things like this totally prove what the couple have said… uncalled for online bullying.

“The Queen obviously had a close and loving relationship with both Harry and Meghan, she was so kind to them after the wedding I’m sure she was upset at losing a friend and supporter.”

In agreement, another added: “Jeremy Clarkson that’s called online bullying, have some respect.”

A third wrote: “So large swathes of people viewing the Queen’s coffin who have never met her and don’t know her but a great many of them are seen crying.

Meghan Markle at the Queen's funeral.
Jeremy Clarkson is being called out for doubting whether Meghan Markle’s tears at the Queen’s funeral ‘were real’. Credit: Alamy

“Meghan is part of the royal procession for the Queen, like the other royals. It is sombre, moving and sad, she has met her many times, and no matter what people say she has NEVER bad-mouthed the Queen.

“Ask yourself, could you have been in that emotional atmosphere and not cried, everyone was fighting back the tears. She is the current Royal laid out on the sacrificial altar for everyone to bully, whether the comments are true or not some will believe anything.”

In Clarkson’s column, he referenced Piers Morgan’s frequent comments about Markle.

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The ex-Good Morning Britain presenter joined Fox News in covering the Queen’s funeral and he referred to the Duchess throughout.

He said, via The Mirror: “We’ve all been following this soap opera drama… the bottom line is that it’s hard to ignore them when you have this renegade royal family… trying to have their royal cake and eat it.

“But there have been some moments this week where you could have some sympathy with Prince Harry over his treatment [as] opposed to his disgraced uncle Prince Andrew.”

Referencing Prince Harry’s memoir, he continued: “I hope something wakes up inside of him… I hope he pops the book.”

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