Jim Carrey Called Out For Being ‘Creepy’ With Margot Robbie On Talk Show

Jim Carrey has been called out for his 'creepy' behaviour towards Margot Robbie.
Credit: BBC

Jim Carrey has been called out for his ‘creepy’ behaviour towards Margot Robbie.

The Hollywood star, 60, is best known for his iconic roles in films such as Ace Ventura, Dumb & Dumber and The Mask.

Carrey is also famously outspoken and even got banned from Russia after slamming the invasion of Ukraine.

While fans usually enjoy his candid thoughts and opinions, his comments about the Wolf of Wall Street star, 32, are leaving people uncomfortable.

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It all started when the Liar Liar star appeared on The Graham Norton Show to promote his new movie.

Robbie was also promoting her new film and was sitting next to Carrey on Norton’s famous red sofa.

But people were not happy about the interaction between the pair.

One person wrote on Twitter: “I always thought Jim Carrey was funny, but watching him talk to Margot Robbie, rude and creepy.”

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Another said: ”Did Jim Carrey just tell Margot Robbie she’s got where she is because of her looks? Can’t stand the man tbh.”

A third added: “Did anyone else think Carrey’s comment was not okay?

“She’s an amazing actress and now a successful producer.

“Had it been a male actor in her seat, I doubt he would have commented.”

Jim Carrey and Margot Robbie
Viewers have criticised Jim Carrey after he suggested that Margot Robbie has only got to where she is because of her looks. Credit: BBC

“Jim Carrey is totally bonkers and a legendary comedian but the way he was looking at Margot Robbie constantly was a little creepy,” said a fourth person.

Someone else wrote: “Did Jim Carrey seriously insinuate that Margot Robbie only got where she is because of her looks?

“She’s only a bloody Oscar nominee! I thought we were past this, people.”

Robbie, on the other hand, was praised for her ‘classy’ reaction.

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One person said: “Shameful moment. I cringed but Margot handled the idiot with grace and poise!”

A second added: “How Margot Robbie kept her composure when Jim Carrey almost flat out said she’d only got where she was on looks alone I’ll never know.”

However, some fans defended the Bruce Almighty star with some finding humour in the moment, noting that Robbie also saw the funny side.

One person wrote: “Christ’s sake, he’s a comedic actor, it was a joke, she laughed!”

“It was funny. He was joking. That is what he does,” added a second.

The moment in question went as follows.

Talking to the actress about her Australian roots and his desire to visit the country, Carrey said he had wanted to talk to her because she is ‘amazing’.

Turning to face Robbie, he said: “It’s incredible you got as far as you have with your obvious physical disadvantages.

“You’re really something. That’s pure talent there. That’s a talent override there.”

Watch the awkward moment here…

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