Margot Robbie’s Husband Is Famous And People Are Just Realising

Margot Robbie's husband is also famous and people are only just realising.
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Margot Robbie’s husband is a celebrity in his own right and people are only just realising. 

Robbie’s movie Barbie has taken over the world since it was released last summer – with the film smashing multiple records since it came out.

The fantasy comedy, which dropped in 2023, now holds the record for Warner Bros’ best seven-day opening and it also is the largest opening for stars Robbie and Ryan Gosling.

However, not a lot of people know that Robbie’s husband also worked on Barbie – and it’s leaving people gobsmacked.

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After finding out about Robbie’s famous husband, many people are taking to X (formerly known as Twitter) and admitting they had no idea she was even married.



Somebody else comments: “Margot Robbie is married?? I have never heard a single thing about that man.”

“JUST FOUND OUT MARGOT ROBBIE IS MARRIED???? Don’t text. Don’t call. I’m mourning,” jokes a fourth.

Margot Robbie
Some people are only just realising Margot Robbie is married! Credit: Alamy

Back in 2013, Robbie met her now-hubby during the filming of her WWII movie Suite Française, where he served as a third assistant director.

Through working together, the pair quickly became close friends and in the following year, they made the decision to move in together – alongside five other friends who were also part of the film’s production team.

Quickly, this blossomed into something more…

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Following their encounter on one of the film sets he was involved in, Robbie and her partner joined forces with their friends, Josey McNamara and Sophia Kerr, to establish their own production company called LuckyChap Entertainment.

Speaking of their working dynamic whilst being in a relationship, Robbie previously opened up in an interview with Porter, explaining: “I’m a great advocate of doing business with your partner.

“Being married is actually the most fun ever, life got way more fun somehow. I have a responsibility being someone’s wife, I want to be better.”

Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie met her husband while filming Suite Française. Credit: Alamy

So, who is the famous fellow who stole Barbie’s heart?

The Wolf of Wall Street star, 33, has been wedded to her spouse, Thomas ‘Tom’ Ackerley, since 2016 – but not a lot of people know about them as they keep out of the public eye.

Ackerley is a British filmmaker and actor, who hails from Surrey.

The 33-year-old began his star-studded journey in the film industry as an extra in the renowned Harry Potter franchise.

Tom Ackerley
Margot Robbie has been married to Tom Ackerley since 2016. Credit: Alamy

Ackerley steadily climbed the ladder in film production, starting as a runner on sets for movies like Gambit.

His dedication paid off, leading him to become an assistant director on several acclaimed films, including the 2014 gem Pride and the 2015 adaptation of Macbeth, featuring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard.

Robbie and Ackerley exchanged vows in a serene wedding held at a private property in Coorabell, Byron Bay on December 18, 2016.

Robbie chose a ruffled wedding dress for the intimate and low-key ceremony, adding a touch of elegance to their special day.

Tom Ackerley and Margot Robbie.
Margot Robbie has described marriage as ‘the most fun ever’. Credit: Alamy

A few days later, the I, Tonya actress excitedly confirmed the delightful news by sharing a heartwarming photo on Instagram.

In the picture, she can be seen kissing her new husband, playfully holding up her hand to the camera.

Proudly displayed on Robbie’s ring finger is a stunning teardrop diamond engagement ring, complimented by a delicate and elegant gold wedding band.

Did you know about this celebrity pairing?

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