Man Killed By Uncontacted Tribe After Trying To Convert Them To Christianity

John Allen Chau was killed by an uncontacted tribe on North Sentinel Island after trying to convert them to Christianity.
Credit: @johnachau/Instagram & Alamy

An uncontacted tribe killed a man after he tried to convert them to Christianity.

John Allan Chau, 26, was from Vancouver, Washington, and he enjoyed hiking, travelling and camping.

He would often document his travels online and believed Christians should know how ‘defend their faith’.

However, a visit to ‘Satan’s last stronghold’ proved to be a tragic one.

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Chau learnt about North Sentinel Island, which is the home to the Sentinelese people – a tribe of indigenous people who are in voluntary isolation from the rest of the world and act aggressively towards any visitors.

He set out to the island in the hope to convert them to Christianity in November 2018, reports BBC.

Chau was clearly aware of the dangers of travelling to the island as he wrote in a letter to his parents that he wanted to ‘declare Jesus’ to its inhabitants and that they should ‘not be angry at them or at God if [he got] killed’.

He reportedly also said in his diary: “Lord, is this island Satan’s last stronghold where none have heard or even had the chance to hear your name?”

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Chau paid a boat of fishermen 25,000 rupees ($302) to smuggle him close to the island – however, they were later arrested.

The fishermen would take him as close to the island as possible and then Chau would travel by himself on a canoe for the rest of the journey.

On his first trip on November 15, he took a waterproof bible and attempted to communicate with the tribe and offer them gifts such as fish and a football.

But he was met with a hostile reception which forced him to retreat.

John Allen Chau
The Senitelese tribe killed John Allen Chau after he tried to convert them to Christianity. Credit: @johnachau/Instagram

In his diary, he penned (via Daily Mail): “I hollered: ‘My name is John, I love you and Jesus loves you’.

“I regret I began to panic slightly as I saw them string arrows in their bows. I picked up the fish and threw it towards them. They kept coming.

“I paddled like I never have in my life back to the boat.”

He visited again the day after and noted that the habitants reacted to him with a mixture of amusement, bewilderment, and hostility.

The visitor also added that they communicated with ‘lots of high-pitched sounds’.

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He presented gifts once again, however, this was met with aggressive actions and one member of the tribe shot a metal arrow which pierced his bible.

Chau made his final trip on November 17, and he instructed the fishermen to leave without him.

According to a police report, the fishermen saw the Sentinelese drag Chau’s body to the island and a day later he washed up on the shore.

Chau’s family has since stated that they have forgiven his killers while describing him as a ‘beloved son, brother and uncle’.

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