Couple Claiming To Be Time Travellers From 2027 Share Footage ‘Proving They’re All Alone’

A couple claiming to be time travellers from 2027 has shared footage 'proving that they're all alone'.
Credit: @socmia/TikTok

A couple claiming to be time travellers from 2027 have shared footage ‘proving they are all alone’.

TikTok users Javier and Maria say they’re stuck by themselves in the future with only each other for company.

Maria, who describes herself as a scientist, posts videos ‘from the future’ using the handle @socmia.

Her bio reads: “Time is an illusion. Alone in the world with @unicosobreviviente.”

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The mysterious couple – who never reveal their faces – are allegedly living in 2027.

And based on their accounts, things aren’t looking great.

Javier and Maria claim to be the only two people left on Earth, and their videos are supposed to be ‘evidence’ of this.

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They appear to be in places completely isolated from other people, with the pair claiming that besides them, the human race has become extinct.

Viewers have identified the city in which the eerie videos take place as Valencia, Spain – which is usually a busy and densely populated area.

Each clip is completely devoid of human activity, with no other souls seen around.

'Time travelling' TikTok couple
The couple, who claim to be time travellers from 2027, never show their faces. Credit: @unicosobreviviente/TikTok

However, things like electricity and an internet connection are clearly available for the time traveller to be able to upload the videos.

In one clip, Maria introduces herself and tells viewers about her relationship with Javier.

She says: “Hello, I am Maria. I am part of the same project as Javier (who you know as @unicosobreviviente).

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“I appear here because I am still processing everything I have lived and I am trying to find a solution.

“I still have a lot to understand but I have decided to change the current situation.”

In another video, she explains: “I’m a scientist. My speciality is nuclear physics.

“I know Javier and his experiment since the beginning, even though he didn’t know it at the time.

“And now finally I’m here to help him.”

'Time travelling' TikTok couple
The ‘time travelling’ couple have ‘proof they are all alone’. Credit: @unicosobreviviente/TikTok

When pressed on how she knows Javier, Maria replies with a clip of him sleeping next to her in bed.

Javier posts videos on TikTok under the username @unicosobreviviente, which translates to ‘only survivor’, and he has over seven million followers.

In February 2021, he posted his first video from Valencia, which appears to have been abandoned.

In one post, he explained how he came to be living in the future.

He claims: “I woke up alone in a hospital in Valencia (Spain).

@unicosobreviviente #PerdidoEnElTiempo ♬ Paris – Else

“I couldn’t remember my name or where I lived. I decided to go outside and there were no people.

“Everything was like in 2021, but the electronic devices showed 2027.”

Javier took to hiding objects in certain places, asking fellow TikTok users to search for his items in the hope of connecting with them.

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Since then, he claims to have visited a number of Spanish cities, including Barcelona, Madrid and Seville, showing them in a similar state to Valencia and without any signs of life.

How he came to find and join forces with Maria remains a mystery.

In January 2022, the alleged time traveller said he was still alone, having spent the past 340 days stranded in the wilderness.

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