Woman Who Claimed To Be Madeleine McCann Shares Plans After Getting DNA Results

Julia Wandelt, the woman who claimed to be Madeleine McCann, has shared her plans after getting DNA results.
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The woman who claimed to be Madeleine McCann has shared her plans after finally getting her DNA results

Julia Wandelt, 21, went viral after claiming to be the missing girl – who mysteriously disappeared from a holiday apartment in Portugal on May 3, 2007.

The Polish national even discussed her claims in a high-profile TV interview with Dr Phil.

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During her appearance on the programme, Wandelt – who also goes by the names Julia Faustyna and Julia Wendell – discussed some of the big questions surrounding her claims.

The woman alleged that she had never seen any photos of her mother pregnant with her.

She claimed that she doesn’t have a birth certificate and that the first six pages of her Polish child health book are missing.

Wandelt also said that whenever she had asked her mum about some of the missing memories from her childhood, her mother would ‘change the subject’.

Speaking to Dr Phil, Wandelt said that if the results proved she was her mother’s daughter, she still wouldn’t return to her old family.

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“I think that mothers should not do these things to their children,” she said.

“If she is my mother, I don’t want to have contact with her that’s all, but I believe she isn’t my mother.”

However, the results have come in – and they’ve revealed that she is in fact Polish, with some Russian and Lithuanian heritage.

Julia Wandelt
Julia Wandelt, who claimed to be Madeleine McCann, has gone back to Poland after receiving her DNA results. Credit: CBS

Dr Fia Johansson – a private investigator and medium who is helping Wandelt – has told “She is absolutely 100 per cent from Poland.

“She is a small percentage of Lithuanian and Russian but the test results show she is Polish.

“We learned a few things, one being that Julia’s mum is in fact now believed to be her mum, so she is not Madeleine McCann.”

Following the results of the DNA test, Johansson has revealed that Wandelt has now gone back to her father in Poland.


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In a post on her Instagram, the private investigator and medium says: “She truly believed what she was saying, and with so many questions about her childhood it is easy to understand where she was coming from.

“What is amazing is Julia’s parent’s refusal to resolve this nagging question for Julia. A simple DNA test by parents would have resolved many questions for Julia.

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“In any case, upon revelation, she decided to be back with her dad.

“I personally wish her well.”

Johansson adds that since Wandelt has spoken up, McCann’s case has moved along and there is potentially new information and leads.

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