Modern Family Star Julie Bowen Opens Up About Her S**uality

Julie Bowen has candidly revealed that she was once 'in love with a woman'
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Julie Bowen has candidly opened up about her s**uality. 

The Modern Family star, 53, is best known for playing Claire Dumphy in the Emmy Award-winning comedy series.

In the show – which ran for 11 seasons – her family life was presented in a documentary style where every moment was captured on camera.

Yet in real life, Bowen keeps her family out of the spotlight and is private about her love life.

The Happy Gilmore star opened up about her past experience with a same-s** romance in an episode of her podcast, Quitters.

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Previously, Bowen married Scott Phillips in 2003 and has three sons with him.

However, the pair divorced in 2018.

The Hubie Halloween actress has joked that she is ‘retired’ from dating – but did mention on an appearance of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she would ‘come out of retirement’ for pop star Harry Styles.

Julie Bowen in Modern Family.
Julie Bowen has candidly opened up about her s**uality and revealed that she was once ‘in love with a woman’. Credit: ABC

People have come out in support of Bowen’s admission, with one person writing: “Everyone is all about thinking outside some box, but this places you in one at the moment you answer it. Love yourself, love the person, who complements you best.”

A second agrees: “I don’t understand why we have to have the need to make sure everybody understands what we like and what we don’t like. I think the only people that need to know are the two people that are involved.”

Bowen’s admission about her s**uality arose during a chat with her guest, Bachelor Nation’s Becca Tilley.

Tilley spoke about her experiences as she has been in a relationship with singer and actress Hayley Kiyoko for over four years.

She said that she fell for Kiyoko so quickly that she never felt the need to define herself with a label.

Tilley explains: “I’m just attracted to people, I’m attracted to men. I’m attracted to women – specifically Hayley, [who] I fell in love with.”

The former Bachelor contestant also addressed the subject of people coming out – stating that she does not have a problem with it but hopes ‘that one day people don’t have to come out because it causes a lot of stress’.
Julie Bowen
Julie Bowen says that it is ‘ridiculous’ to put labels on someone’s s***ality after admitting that she once fell in love with a woman. Credit: @itsjuliebowen/Instagram

She continues: “Life is already really hard. Falling in love should be a natural and beautiful thing that people don’t have to explain to anybody.”

When they went public with their relationship, they never considered it a secret but preferred to use the term ‘private’.

“I never wanted it to come across that she was a secret,” Tilley says, before explaining that the idea of a secret relationship has a ‘connection to shame, and I never wanted it to feel like I felt shame’.

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Julie Bowen then revealed that she had feelings for a woman – admitting that she was ‘in love with a woman for a while, but she didn’t love me back’.

Bowen explains: “It never really took off, so I never really had to challenge my concept of my s***ality,” before adding that it is ‘ridiculous’ to put labels on human s**uality.

“What you do with your body should not be the first thing that we know about people or care about. That’s your business.”

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