‘Most Painful Experience In The World’ Is Worse Than Childbirth And Being Kicked In The Privates

The 'most painful experience in the world' is worse than going through childbirth or being kicked in the privates. 
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The ‘most painful experience in the world’ is worse than going through childbirth or being kicked in the privates. 

It is often debated out of the two which is the most agonising to go through, as no one can experience both.

But apparently, there is something anybody can go through and it’s meant to be excruciating.

According to one expert, who has witnessed his fair share of people in uncomfortable situations, it’s a pain so severe most people drop to the floor.

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Troy Madsen, an Adjunct Professor in Emergency Medicine and Assistant Professor in Surgery at the University of Utah, appeared on the Who Cares About Men’s Health? podcast and claimed that having a kidney stone is the ‘most painful experience’.

“I don’t know that I ever see anyone on a regular basis in the ER who has more pain than a person who’s there with a kidney stone,” Madsen said.

“You can tell. You walk in the room, they’re writhing… It’s just incredible pain.”

Kidney stones can develop in one or both of your kidneys and, typically, they affect people aged between 30 to 60.

They’re actually quite common, with 1 in 10 people having been affected, as per the NHS.

Kidney stones
An expert believes that kidney stones are the worst pain a person can go through. Credit: Alamy

The condition is caused by waste products in the blood that occasionally form into crystals which collect inside the kidneys.

If they are small enough, they can be passed on through your pee and may be able to be treated at home with medication.

But in unfortunate cases, they may need to be broken up or removed through surgery.

University of Utah urologist John Smith explains to IFLScience: “When stones are sitting in the kidney, they don’t usually cause pain because they’re not obstructing.

“They’re not bothering you.

“But when they start blocking the flow of urine and they get into the ureter, the small tube, your body tries to get rid of that by peristalsing, just the way it does when it moves food through your intestines.”

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The opinion that kidney stones are the ‘most painful experience’ has also been backed up on Reddit, where someone referenced a conversation in which kidney stones were compared to childbirth.

A forum user recalled: “Years ago I had this nail tech, I told her how I was having kidney issues that have me a lot of pain and before I could finish she said, ‘Well, I hope it’s not stones because I have four children, all four natural births, the third one took more than 24 hours to come out, and I would rather birth them all again back to back than pass those kidney stones again’.”

While someone else said: “I’ve had dozens of [kidney stones]. If I had a choice, I’d que[ue] up for a good nut kick with joy in my eyes.”

So there you have it, kidney stones may truly be the ‘most painful experience in the world’ – but it’s something you’d rather not find out for yourself!

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