Man Claiming To Be King Charles’ Secret Son Plans To Force DNA Test With Netflix Documentary

A man claiming to be King Charles and Camilla's secret son has shared his plans to secure a DNA test by doing a tell-all Netflix documentary.
Credit: Alamy & princesimoncharles via Facebook

A man claiming to be King Charles and Camilla’s secret son has shared his plans to secure a DNA test by doing a tell-all Netflix documentary.

Simon Charles Dorante-Day wants to prove that he is the love child of His Majesty and the Queen Consort.

He told 7News that he believes a documentary about his life would force Buckingham Palace to address his claims.

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Dorante-Day revealed: “I’ve been inundated in recent weeks with many documentary filmmakers and filmmaking companies keen to share my story. 

“I didn’t expect this to happen – but I’m glad it is. I’m considering their offers. 

“Ultimately I would like to see my story on Netflix, or a similar streaming platform, and will approach them about doing so.

“I am already speaking with one person, who I trust, and is happy to act on my behalf. 

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“I’m taking my case through the proper legal channels, but I know that sharing my story and getting as many people aware of my claims as possible is going to be key to having Charles and Camilla address my claims. 

“I want a DNA test from both of them, as ordered through proper legal means. 

“If sharing my story on Netflix or to a greater TV audience will help do that, then I say let’s do it.” 

King Charles III and Camilla.
Simon Charles Dorante-Day wants to prove he is King Charles III and Camilla’s son. Credit: Alamy

Dorante-Day was born in the UK and was adopted when he was eight years old.

Both of his adoptive parents worked for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip.

He claims that his family constantly told him he was the son of King Charles and Camilla, with the King having him when he was only 17 years old.

He previously stated that he wanted to meet Prince Harry and described him as the fellow ‘black sheep’ of the royal family.

In a separate interview with 7News, he said: “We are both the black sheep of the royal family, I would say we have that bond.

“And I believe Harry would be receptive to my plight. 

“He got f***ed over by his dad, he has a bone to pick with Charles. Just like I do.

“The first thing I’d do if I met [Meghan and Harry] is I’d give them a big hug – I think they need one, to be honest.”

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Dorante-Day is also hoping to return to the UK for the first time since making the news about his alleged secret parents public.

He added: “I have built my whole life in Australia, with my wife Elvianna and my children.

“But I’m looking forward to going back to the UK and really ramping up my quest for answers. 

“I’ve even got radio interviews lined up in Glasgow, Manchester, Dublin, and Portsmouth when I finally get over there.” 

While he has been very vocal about King Charles, the royal family are yet to acknowledge him publicly.

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