Lana Del Rey Used Just One Billboard To Promote Her New Album And Put It In Her Ex’s Hometown

Lana Del Rey used just one billboard to promote her new album and she had it put in her ex's hometown.
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Lana Del Rey used just one billboard to promote her new album and she had it put in her ex’s hometown. 

The ‘Born To Die’ singer, 37, is one of the most successful and distinct musicians of the last decade.

Variety paid tribute to the ‘Summertime Sadness’ artist at their Hitmakers Awards for being ‘one of the most influential singer-songwriters of the 21st century’.

Lana Del Rey has a new album coming out – ‘Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd’ – and took an interesting route to begin promoting it.

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The ‘Young and Beautiful’ singer opted out of putting her billboard for the album in popular cities such as Los Angeles and New York.

Instead, she had it placed in Tulsa, which happens to be the hometown of her ex-boyfriend, Sean Larkin.

After fans spotted the billboard, it went viral and it quickly began circulating on social media. 

Reportedly, Lana Del Rey addressed the billboard on her private Instagram account.

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She apparently posted a selfie of herself parked up near the billboard, alongside the caption: “There’s only one and it’s in Tulsa,” followed by a skull emoji. 

To further the blow to her ex-partner, the ‘Brooklyn Baby’ singer announced the album and dropped the title track on his birthday, December 7.

Fans of Lana Del Rey took to social media to react to how the singer announced her album.

One commented: “Lana Del Rey putting up just one billboard for her album in her ex-boyfriend’s city and then posting about it is so Lana Del Rey.”

Another added: “Lana Del Rey putting up one billboard to promote her new album, in Tulsa Oklahoma, where her ex lives, is the type of petty that I LIVE for.”

“Lana Del Rey putting her ONLY billboard in her ex’s city is so me,” said a third.

Someone else commented: “Lana Del Rey put the one f***ing billboard in Tulsa.

“I don’t care if you like her or not that is hilarious.”

However, some have criticised the ‘Lust For Life’ musician, saying the stunt is ‘petty’.

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One person said: “Why are people so petty towards their exes? Move on.”

“I could never let anybody know I was thinking about them on that level,” added a second.

While another person commented: “That’s pathetic, just announcing she hasn’t really moved on.”

Lana Del Rey started dating Larkin in the autumn of 2019 but the pair split up in the spring of 2020.

They cited their busy schedules as their reason for ending the relationship, after trying to split time together between Los Angeles and Tulsa.

Following their break up, Larkin spoke to The New York Times in 2020 and said they’re ‘just friends’.

He told the outlet: “Right now, we’re just friends.

“We still talk and whatnot, we just have busy schedules right now.”

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