Terrified Netflix Fans Say People Should ‘Take Notes’ After Watching Apocalyptic Disaster Thriller

Leave the World Behind viewers have suggested that people should 'take notes' after being left terrified by the disaster thriller's ending.
Credit: Netflix

Netflix viewers are saying people should ‘take notes’ after watching an apocalyptic disaster thriller. Warning: there may be some spoilers…

Whenever a new film or TV series drops on the streaming platform, viewers will flock to social media to discuss it.

Discussion around the content will dominate conversations, whether people love or hate it.

And now with Netflix’s latest hit, viewers are suggesting that people could learn a lesson or two.

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Leave the World Behind, directed by Sam Esmail, is an adaptation of the 2020 novel of the same name – written by Rumaan Alam.

It follows a family whose vacation on Long Island is disrupted by strangers bearing news of a blackout.

As the threat grows, both families must decide how best to survive the potential crisis.

It’s full of A-list stars, including Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke, and Mahershala Ali.

Leave the World Behind
Leave the World Behind is trending on Netflix. Credit: Netflix

Even more impressively, the film is produced by Higher Ground, the production company owned by former President Barack Obama and ex-First Lady Michelle Obama, as per The New York Times.

Leave the World Behind has found itself at the top of the film charts on Netflix, yet viewers have taken to social media to share their frustrations with its ending.

“I just finished Leave the World Behind. What kind of f***ing ending,” comments one person.

Someone else vents: “Leave the World Behind wasted such a good plot with that weak a** ending.”

A third adds: “Just watched Leave the World Behind…. wtf was that ending?! F***ing waste of time.”

While another person pens: “I really need to know what the producers of Leave the World Behind were thinking when they came up with that ending?”

Leave The World Behind
Viewers have complained about the ending of Leave the World Behind. Credit: Netflix

Leave the World Behind even managed to ‘trigger’ a reaction from Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

The scene in question sees the characters attacked by driverless Teslas on an abandoned highway.

Posting on X (previously known as Twitter), Musk said: “Teslas can charge from solar panels even if the world goes fully Mad Max and there is no more gasoline!”

While Musk was seemingly upset about how his vehicles were presented in the movie, viewers were amused by his reaction: “Best thing about LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND is [it] triggered Elon.”

However, others have defended the hit film and said that those who have a problem have ‘missed the point’ of the movie.

One person writes: “The ending was perfect, I don’t understand how people don’t appreciate it.”

Someone else explains: “The fact that everyone is upset about that ending from the movie Leave the World Behind instead of actually LISTENING to what might possibly happening in our future as a reality is the real disappointment here.

“Instead of being angry, people should really take notes.”

“People complaining about Leave the World Behind’s ending didn’t get the film,” comments a third.

Another viewer says: “Everyone mad about the ending of Leave the World Behind… just say you don’t get it and move on.”

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The ending of the series also has support from the author of the novel, Alam – who found it ‘so satisfying and so rewarding’ that it ends with ‘the particular jolt of humour’ that director Esmail (Mr Robot) is so good at.

The writer told Variety: “It’s sort of self-reflective because he’s a filmmaker. He’s also worked in television, and he’s sort of asserting something about the power of that medium, and its hold over this one character.

“I say it’s funny, but I don’t think it’s a joke. I don’t think it’s a joke on Rose. I don’t think it’s a joke on the audience. I don’t think it’s a joke on Friends.

“It’s a reminder that art is kind of a salve. The theatrical experience of watching this movie is so powerful because I’ve had the chance to see audiences respond to the ending three times now, and nobody really knows what to make of it.

“They’re like, is this funny? Is this scary? Is it really over? And I love that so much.”

Watch the trailer for Leave the World Behind below…

Leave the World Behind is now streaming on Netflix. 

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Written by Rosario Monachino

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