BBC Viewers Traumatised After Seeing Contestant’s Head Explode During ‘New Lee Mack Quiz Show’

Lee Mack's 3x3 BBC quiz show has traumatised viewers after a contestant's head exploded in the background.
Credit: BBC

BBC viewers have been left traumatised after seeing a contestant’s head explode during Lee Mack’s new quiz show.

The successful stand-up comedian, 54, has appeared in a number of popular TV programmes such as Would I Lie To You and Not Going Out.

He has also hosted quiz shows like Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Have I Got News For You.

However, his latest hosting gig has left viewers distressed.

Watch Lee Mack leave guests on The Graham Norton Show in ‘tears’ below…

Viewers recently tuned into BBC Two to watch an episode of a ‘quiz show’ hosted by Mack – called 3×3 – which pits three teams of three players against each other.

He opened the show by saying to viewers: “Hello I’m Lee Mack and welcome to 3by3, the brand new quiz show that gives three teams of three people, three chances to win a big money prize.

“Well, I say big money, this is the BBC. In fact, if the set doesn’t fall down we’ll be happy.”

At first, it looks like it is just a bog standard show hosted by the comedian.

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But eagle-eyed viewers noticed strange occurrences happening throughout the episode.

As it reached its conclusion one contestant was trapped in a glass box and as Mack is delivering his final monologue, you can see the person banging on the glass and trying to escape.

Then all of a sudden, their head explodes – prompting the host to run off set screaming ‘get the producer’ before it all cuts to black and the credits started to roll.

This left viewers in shock, with one penning: “What the actual f*** is going on?”

Another person mocked Would I Lie To You, saying: “The BBC had to cancel my brand new game show after one episode when a contestant’s head exploded in a sound-proof box.”

Someone else adds: “3by3 with Lee Mack is one of the most surreal things I’ve ever seen.

“Is this a comedy? Am I hallucinating? Have I gone back in time?”

Lee Mack
Lee Mack’s 3×3 quiz show has left viewers traumatised. Credit: BBC

However, it was soon revealed that this was actually part of an episode for the satire show Inside No.9.

The anthology show usually features its creators Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton.

However, viewers were tricked into thinking this was a show as it replaced Inside No.9 on the TV guide.

Once they realised it was all a fake show, they took to social media to praise Shearsmith, Pemberton and Mack for their part in it.

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One person comments: “A performance of magnificent self-mastery from Lee Mack in last night’s Inside No.9, whose need to be submerged in the belief in the thing, and convey that, was monumental.

“A terrific piece of acting. And a script with such delicate, precise, subtle and tiny beats. A balancing act.”

Someone else adds: “I went to bed at 10:15 (No.9 recording downstairs)m, put the bedroom TV and didn’t realise until the last few seconds that I wasn’t watching a new quiz show.”

A third says: “I was very confused when I caught up with this on BBC iPlayer. I thought I’d pressed the wrong button and was watching an actual game show!”

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