Elon Musk ‘Kissing A Robot’ In Bizarre Photo Is Leaving The Internet Baffled

A bizarre photo of Elon Musk 'kissing a robot' has gone viral and it has left the internet baffled. 
Credit: Twitter

A bizarre photo of Elon Musk ‘kissing a robot’ has gone viral and it has left the internet baffled. 

The Tesla CEO, 51, is the second richest man in the world with an estimated net worth of $195 billion.

Along with the motoring company, Musk is the man currently behind several other big organisations such as SpaceX, Neuralink, Twitter and The Boring Company.

He has been at the forefront of pushing the extent that technology can be used in our day-to-day lives.

And now a series of photos of Musk ‘kissing robots’ is making rounds on the internet.

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These images come following the first bit of footage showing Tesla’s humanoid robot ‘Optimus’ taking its first steps.

Twitter user Daniel Marven then shared snaps of Musk appearing to lock lips with some female robots, alongside the caption: “Elon Musk announces the future wife, who is she?”

Marven – who is reportedly a CEO at a construction company continues: “It is the first robot that has been manufactured specifically designed with artificial intelligence.

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“With the personality and the characteristics of the female that he dreams of…which is not found in any normal person, because of course, there is no normal person that has all the required specifications.”

He goes on to describe how the robot – named Catnilla – is solar-powered and does not need to be charged.

It also comes with sensory which means she can ‘feel sad and happy’.

The tweet – which has 89,000 likes – adds: “She has a balanced and interactive mindset… so she can share it if she is in a crisis or the feeling that she is experiencing or needs when she is exposed to any psychological stress.”

Elon Musk 'kissing a robot'.
This is an AI image of Elon Musk ‘kissing a robot’. Credit: Twitter

Marven goes on to reveal that the images were actually created by artificial intelligence (AI) and that he shared the images to highlight the ‘dangers of AI’.

People have been reacting to the bizarre series of images in the comments.

“All these AI robot ladies are built like Grimes, he definitely has a type,” jokes one person.

Someone else adds: “This post does clarify one of the dangers of AI – it is being used to generate images like these to fool people into thinking they are real.”

“Elon Musk is taking it too far now… Where’s the robot husband?” asks a third.

Another user jokes: “The Black Mirror trailer just dropped.”

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Musk unveiled the Optimus robot to shareholders – where it demonstrated simple tasks such as walking, picking up and placing objects.

Optimus – which he refers to as ‘companions’ – has WiFi and LTE (4G) connectivity and runs on autopilot software which was developed by the company.

Tesla claims that Optimus can carry a 20-pound bag in one hand and has optimised joints – which are inspired by humans’ hands and knees.

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