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Woman Who Fell Forward Through Window Trying To Break In Comes Forward On National Television

Lisa Rowland, the woman who fell through her window trying to break into her own home, has come forward on This Morning.
Credit: ITV

The woman who went viral after falling through her window trying to break into her home has come forward on national TV.

If you’ve been anywhere on the internet in recent weeks, it’s likely you’ll have been treated to the treasures of a certain video.

The clip in question captured an absolutely hilarious moment when a woman tried to break into her own home through a window after being locked out.

But after she tripped and fell, she ended up flashing the camera – and now, the world.

The woman from the viral clip has bravely come forward on national TV and opened up about the hysterical moment!

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All of us have faced that awful moment when we realise we’ve locked ourselves out without our keys.

If you haven’t left a spare with a neighbour, you could be left with no alternative but to climb in through a window.

And now one woman has discovered that this isn’t always a safe option.

In a clip that took over X (formerly known as Twitter) from the moment it was posted, she was filmed attempting to climb through a window while wearing just a wrap dress.

But after she slipped and lost her balance, she also managed to lose her towel.

This left the woman in the unfortunate position of hanging upside down in a window, flashing the world.

The clip has gained over 20 million views in recent days across social media platforms.

Lisa Rowland and Nicole on This Morning.
The woman who went viral after falling through her window has come forward. Credit: ITV

But now, the woman from the video has gone public, revealing her identity (along with certain… other things) to the world.

Lisa Rowland appeared on ITV’s This Morning to explain the background info that led to her misfortune taking over the internet.

Explaining how she managed to expose her breast, she laughed: “I tried to put it back in! If you look, I tried while I was hanging, and then they both… I let go of everything.”

As the dress continued to slip, Rowland’s full chest was exposed when ‘the left one’ also made an appearance.

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Explaining that she had needed the toilet at the time, Rowland also revealed that she had urinated as the incident unfolded.

She admitted: “I weed. Yeah. I did. I couldn’t move, I was hanging like a bat. When I fell to the ground covered in urine, I think I was past the point of panic! I think I’d passed every point.”

Rowland’s sister chimed in: “She came out the house, and she was like literally, it’s gone down my neck. I couldn’t breathe, there was nothing I could do.”

And as for how the video made it to the internet, well, it wasn’t either of the sisters.

“We didn’t put it on any social media; we sent it between my mum’s friends. Some woman – cheers Ruth in Northern Ireland! No one knows her, we don’t know her, we don’t know how she got it. But thank you, Ruth, we’ve had a nice day out of it,” Rowland explained.

Watch the full interview here.

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