Man Who Was Cut In Half By Forklift Explains How He ‘Poops, Pees And Farts’

A man who was cut in half by a forklift has explained how he 'poops, pees and farts'.
Credit: @loren.schauers/Instagram

A man who was cut in half by a forklift in a horrific accident has explained how he ‘poops, pees and farts’. 

Loren Schauers’ life completely changed in September 2019.

Working as a labourer in Montana, US, Schauers was driving a forklift when the vehicle veered off the bridge he was working on.

He fell over 50 feet to the ground below, leaving the lower half of his body and one of his arms severely crushed by the forklift.

Thankfully, Schauers managed to avoid death and underwent a procedure known as hemicorporectomy.

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During a hemicorporectomy, also known as a ‘trans-lumbar amputation’, the lower half of the body is amputated. It’s extremely uncommon, with only 71 cases being reported.

The surgery is also hugely high-risk, according to the National Library of Medicine.

Those with ‘long-term survival’, however, are reported to experience complications such as a ‘loss of muscle mass’ and ‘urinary tract infections’ – which can result in further hospitalisation.

Schauers has recently shared a horrifying image of his accident to his Instagram, as reported by the Daily Star.

“If you look closely in the second photo, you can see me still pinned under the forklift,” he said on the social media platform.

Loren Schauers
Loren Schauers fell over 50 feet to the ground while driving a forklift. Credit: @loren.schauers/Instagram

While his condition has undoubtedly impacted him, Schauers hasn’t let it stop him from living his life.

At the time of his accident, Schauers had been dating his then-girlfriend Sabia Reiche for 18 months and she was present by his side while he was in hospital, preparing to say her goodbyes as doctors feared he wouldn’t survive his surgery.

But the couple only became stronger and got married in 2021.

They have been documenting their journey on their YouTube channel, which boasts over 600,000 subscribers, and Sabia shared that they had discovered a newfound appreciation for the small things that they would previously take for granted.

“Going through this together has definitely strengthened a lot of the aspects of our relationship,” she said.

Schauers added that their life is ‘much simpler compared to what it used to be’ – before joking that there is now a ‘lot more laying around than before’.

Loren Schauers and Sabia Reiche
Loren Schauers married his then-girlfriend Sabia Reiche in 2021. Credit: @loren.schauers/Instagram

The happy couple also addressed their plans for the future – which included travelling all over the world, before settling down and starting a family.

In one Q&A session posted to their YouTube channel, someone asked: “Do your friends still treat you the same way they used to before the accident? Are you happy, surprised, or disappointed by some of them?”

Schauers confessed he was ‘a little disappointed’ by some of them.

He added: “A couple of friends came out of the woodworks and have been really supportive, [others] totally reverted and have been reclusive.

“But it’s whatever to me, you know, I got Sabia, that’s all I need.”

Sabia agreed, adding: “Going through this together has definitely strengthened a lot of the aspects of our relationship.”

Loren Schauers
Loren Schauers has revealed how he ‘poops, pees and farts’ in a YouTube video. Credit: @loren.schauers/Instagram

Another question the pair received was how they function in the bedroom, but this question was instantly shot down – with Sabia slamming it as ‘disrespectful’.

She said: “You wouldn’t ask a random couple on the street how they have s** and just because our life circumstances are different, it doesn’t give people the right to ask.”

However, the couple did reveal that doctors did attempt to save some of Schauers’ s***m so that there’s a possibility of them having their own children in the future.

Unfortunately, this was unsuccessful.

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The couple was also asked how Schauers uses the bathroom.

He revealed that he had a colostomy – a procedure to divert one side of your colon through an opening in the belly.

The opening is called a stoma, which is a pouch that collects your poo, per the NHS.

The health organisation states that, as the stoma has no connections to your nerves, it shouldn’t be painful, however, it may bleed slightly, especially in the beginning – but this is normal.

“And I have bilateral nephrostomies,” Schauers added. “They’re tubes that go into my kidneys that drain my kidneys into bags so, therefore, that is how I poop, pee and fart.”

Colostomy bags are used to collect your stools. How often they need to be changed depends on which type of bag you use. Closed bags should be changed 1-3 times a day but drainable bags can be replaced every two or three days.

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