Man Cut In Half By Forklift Makes Heartbreaking Confession About His Life Since Accident

Loren Schauers, who was cut in half by a forklift in a devastating accident, has now made a heartbreaking confession about his life.
Credit: @loren.schauers/Instagram & GoFundMe

A man who was cut in half by a forklift in a devastating accident has now made a heartbreaking confession. 

Loren Schauers, from Montana, lost the lower half of his body and half an arm back in 2019 when the forklift he was driving veered off a bridge, falling over 50 feet to the ground.

Following the accident, the then 19-year-old permitted a hemicorporectomy to be performed.

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A hemicorporectomy, which is also known as a ‘trans-lumbar amputation’, is a procedure in which the lower extremities, bony pelvis, external g**italia, r**tum, and bladder are surgically removed, according to the National Library of Medicine.

Schauers’ life has drastically changed since the accident, and he often opens up about the impact it has had on him.

And now he’s shared a sad update with fans, revealing there have been struggles.

Loren Schauers
Loren Schauers lost the lower half of his body and half an arm back in 2019. Credit: @loren.schauers/Instagram

Schauers has not been alone in his journey, as he has the support of his wife Sabia.

Recently, he shared that the couple are looking into having children, with either a donor option or adoption taking place.

Loren Schauers and Sabia.
Loren Schauers and his wife would like to start a family one day. Credit: @loren.schauers/Instagram

Recounting his horrifying accident, which he has also shared a photo of, Schauers told RTL 4: “The doctors gave me a choice. The question was, do you want to live or die? Do you want to live with the situation now or die with the life you had?

“And I decided that I wanted to live, that I wanted to continue living my life with this woman here.”

While Sabia said on their YouTube channel: “Going through this together has definitely strengthened a lot of the aspects of our relationship.”

But Schauers has found that since his accident, he’s not had the support he was expecting from everyone.

Loren Schauers and Sabia.
Loren Schauers’ relationship with his wife has been ‘strengthened’ by the accident. Credit: @loren.schauers/Instagram

During a YouTube live, Schauers and his wife responded to questions from followers.

One person asked: “Do your friends still treat you the same way they used to before the accident? Are you happy, surprised or disappointed by some of them?”

Schauers then shared that he’s been left feeling ‘a little disappointed‘ by some of his friends, who have ‘totally reverted’.

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“I’ve been a little surprised by some of them,” Sabia added.

Schauers continued: “A couple of friends came out of the woodworks and have been really supportive, [others] totally reverted and have been reclusive.

“But it’s whatever to me, you know, I got Sabia, that’s all I need.”

Loren Schauers
Loren Schauers says he finds it ‘difficult’ to make friends. Credit: @loren.schauers/Instagram

However, in a more recent update from Schauers, he’s asked others if they also find it difficult to make friends.

“Am I the only one who finds it difficult to make friends? I’m never really busy doing anything, just don’t know who to hit up and let into my life,” he wrote on Facebook.

“Also, been betrayed by so many ‘friends’ in so many ways that I might have trust issues letting people into my life, not stealing from me, taking advantage of whatever they can, stuff like that.

“I know it’s dumb to make it out into a Facebook post but hey! If anyone is looking for a friend! I’m always free and need to make some friends.

“Haven’t hung out with anyone that isn’t family in over a year it feels like lol. HMU!”

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