Man Cut In Half By Forklift Said He’s ‘Disappointed’ By How His Friends Reacted

Loren Schauers
Credit: @loren.schauers/Instagram

A man who was cut in half by a forklift said he was left ‘disappointed’ by how his friends reacted to his accident.

In 2019, Loren Schauers – from Wilsall, Montana – suffered a freak accident in which he lost control of a forklift on a bridge that plummeted 50 feet to the ground.

The impact left the lower half of his body – and one of his arms – severely crushed.

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Schauers – who was 19 at the time – managed to avoid death by undergoing a procedure known as hemicorporectomy, a surgery in which the lower half of the body is amputated.

According to the National Library of Medicine, the surgery is a rare procedure, with only 71 reported cases at the time.

The library does state that, on average, patients who have undergone the surgery usually survive for an average of 11 years posthemicorporectomy.

Those with ‘long-term survival’, however, are reported to experience complications such as ‘loss of muscle mass’ and ‘urinary tract infections’ – which can result in further hospitalisation.

Loren Schauers
Loren Schauers had the lower half of his body amputated after a freak forklift accident. Credit: @loren.schauers/Instagram

Following his accident, Loren and his wife Sabia have set up a YouTube channel – which has over 600,000 subscribers – where they often speak about how their lives have changed since his accident.

In one Q&A session, Schauers was asked how his friends had treated him following the life-changing incident.

The question said: “Do your friends still treat you the same way they used to before the accident? Are you happy, surprised, or disappointed by some of them?”

Surprisingly, he revealed that he was ‘left disappointed’ as they hadn’t really been there for him.

Sabia added: “I’ve been a little surprised by some of them,” before Schauers continued: “A couple of friends came out of the woodworks and have been really supportive, [others] totally reverted and have been reclusive.

“But it’s whatever to me, you know, I got Sabia, that’s all I need.”

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While reflecting on his friends’ lack of support during that troubling time, the couple spoke about how his accident had an impact on their relationship.

At the time of the accident, they had only been together for 18 months.

Yet, despite the challenges they faced, their relationship grew stronger and they ended up getting married in 2021.

“Going through this together has definitely strengthened a lot of the aspects of our relationship,” Sabia recalled – stating that they had since discovered a newfound appreciation for the small things that they previously would take for granted.


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The couple also spoke about their plans for the future – which includes travelling across the world before they choose to settle down and start a family.

Schauers quipped that their life is ‘much simpler compared to what it used to be’, and added that there is a ‘lot more laying around than before’.

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