Viewers Urge Netflix To Add Trigger Warning At Start Of ‘Horrifying’ New Film

Viewers of Netflix's new movie starring Mila Kunis are calling for a trigger warning to be placed at the start.
Credit: Netflix

Viewers of Netflix’s new movie starring Mila Kunis are calling for a trigger warning to be placed at the start.

The film follows Ani (Kunis) through her near-perfect life in New York City, however, she is forced to confront her past, where viewers believe there should be a trigger warning.

(Spoiler and Sensitive Content Warning) It is revealed that Ani survived a school shooting and was a victim of a gang r*** at the age of 14.

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Luckiest Girl Alive is an adaptation of the 2015 novel of the same name written by Jessica Knoll.

Despite Netflix mentioning Luckiest Film Alive featuring ‘s**ual violence’, viewers believe that is not enough due to the graphic content and it should be made clearer that the film has ‘intense scenes of s**ual assault in this movie’.

One viewer shared: “Why in the world does the movie Luckiest Girl Alive not have a trigger warning for s**ual assault?

“It was extremely horrifying for me to watch that and caused a panic attack due to former trauma. DO BETTER AND FIX THIS!!!”

Another said: “Anyone thinking of watching the new Mila Kunis movie on Netflix Luckiest Girl Alive be aware that there are graphic r*** scenes and also a huge emphasis on PTSD and trauma I feel the marketing for the movie hasn’t given these content warnings.”

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They continued: “Netflix really need to start including content warnings at the start of some of their movies especially when these storylines have been kept out of trailers and marketing.”

A third viewer added: “Wow. Good job, Netflix on the trigger warning you didn’t provide on your Luckiest Girl Alive movie.

“PSA for anyone who is gonna watch the movie, there are very graphic intense scenes of s**ual assault in this movie.”

“Warning about watching the Luckiest Girl Alive on Netflix. It’s pretty brutal about SA (s**ual assault) victims, and the scenes are,” expressed someone else.

Mila Kunis in Luckiest Girl Alive.
Luckiest Girl Alive’s graphic portrayal of sensitive content has viewers urging Netflix to add a trigger warning. Credit: Netflix

“Luckiest Girl Alive on Netflix is…so good…but also pretty traumatizing. Very graphic scenes of r***/s**ual assault so watch with caution if you’re interested,” warned another viewer.

Someone else shared: “Hey gang, quick heads up about Luckiest Girl Alive on Netflix: the description says it’s about a school shooting, but the story is also very much about r*** and PTSD. It’s done very realistically and graphically.”

Despite the calls for the streaming giants to include a trigger warning, many viewers have praised the film for its accurate portrayal of PTSD and how these experiences can impact someone’s life.

One person commented: Luckiest Girl Alive on Netflix was such a great portrayal of what life is like before, during, and after a r***. For all survivors, this will hit hard.”

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Luckiest Girl Alive is the best depiction of Complex PTSD I’ve ever seen. A moving portrayal of coping with assault in a culture that protects the perpetrators,” expressed another viewer.

A third said: “This was such a powerful and important film and Mila did an incredible job wow.

“It had some painfully accurate moments exploring trauma and grief.

“The transitions between teen Ani and adult Ani were excellent. The ending was perfect. I loved it. Amazing film.”

The film was released on October 7 and reached number one on the Netflix Top 10 Films in the UK at the time. 

Luckiest Girl Alive is available to stream on Netflix.

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