Madeleine McCann Police Launch New Search Of Remote Area In Latest Twist To Case

Madeline McCann News: Police launch a new search of the remote Arade Dam near Praia da Luz.
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Madeleine McCann police have launched a new search of a remote area in the latest twist to the case. 

The three-year-old disappeared from her bed in a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal in May 2007.

Her case has been described as ‘the most heavily reported missing-person case in modern history’ and remains unsolved to this day.

However, there has been a new development as authorities continue to search for her.

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According to local media in Portugal, a search of the Arade dam will reportedly begin on May 23 – which is 50km away from where the toddler went missing in Praia da Luz.

German police reportedly requested this search – as the area was allegedly visited by the official suspect – Christian B – during her disappearance.

He  was made a formal suspect by prosecutors in 2022 as he reportedly lived nearby the Praia da Luz resort while the McCann family was on holiday.

However, Christian B has never been officially charged over Madeleine’s disappearance and has denied any involvement with her.

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An area over a mile long was reportedly sealed off just after midday on May 22 and it is believed British officials will be present at the scene.

Divers will apparently investigate the dam while officers will explore a woodland area that is located not too far from the water.

Investigators will reportedly search the area for at least two days – but will continue searching if they find any new information or leads.

German police have not officially confirmed the search but have hinted that the reports are correct.

It is expected they will release a statement soon to announce the investigation.

Madeleine McCann
Police are exploring the Arade dam in the hope they can find some new information about Madeline McCann’s disappearance. Credit: Alamy

This will be the first major investigation in the McCann case since 2014 – when British police searched Praia da Luz with sniffer dogs trained in detecting bodies.

Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry, issued a statement on the 15th anniversary of their daughter’s disappearance, stating that it was ‘essential’ to find out what happened.

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It reads: “Many people talk about the need for ‘closure’. It’s always felt [like] a strange term. Regardless of the outcome, Madeleine will always be our daughter and a truly horrific crime has been committed.

“It is true though that uncertainty creates weakness; knowledge and certainty give strength, and for this reason our need for answers, for the truth, is essential.”

Kate and Gerry McCann recently marked Madeleine’s 20th birthday and vowed that they will ‘never give up’ the search for their daughter until they have answers.

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