Woman Accidentally Films Her Affair And Tells Husband The Man Was Her ‘Brother’

On Married at First Sight, Rebecca Zemek accidentally filmed herself having an affair and then tried to claim it was her 'brother'.
Credit: Channel 4

A woman accidentally films her affair and tries telling her husband the man is her ‘brother’.

Married At First Sight is a reality TV series that matches couples based on scientific and sociological factors.

A team of experts with backgrounds in social sciences use their professional knowledge to create matches for successful relationships.

However, one moment on the show has gone viral for the wrong reasons.

Watch the moment the affair comes to light here…

On season eight of the Australian version of Married At First Sight, Rebecca Zemek was romantically linked with Jake Edwards.

John Aiken – one of the experts on the show – asks Zemek in front of her partner and the other contestants about her ‘mercy dash’ to Perth.

It’s revealed that she went back there to check on her sick dog.

However, Aiken wants some ‘clarification’ about the trip and proceeds to show some footage.

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Everyone in the room is shown a video of Zemek giving an update on her sick dog – adding that she had checked with her partner if he was OK without her.

More footage of her and her dog is shown before a blurry man approaches her.

She seemingly thinks she has stopped recording and the pair proceed to start kissing.

The group looks all watch in shock as Edwards asks: “Who was that?”

She looks towards her partner and responds: “That was my brother.”

Rebecca Zemek
Rebecca Zemek was caught cheating on her husband but claimed she was kissing her ‘brother’. Credit: E4 via YouTube

Someone off-camera says: “I don’t kiss my brother like that.”

Zemek continues to defend herself by explaining: “It wasn’t, like, s**ual.”

When questioned if it was her sibling, she claims she was at home before shifting the blame on him saying: “It’s like you kiss your friends.”

Her husband then asks to watch the video again as he ‘knows what her brother looks like’.

Before the footage replays, he asks his partner twice if she’s telling the truth, to which she answers ‘yes’ both times.

When watched a second time the group says: “That’s a definite pash on the lips. It’s literally there.”

Another person adds: “Bec, are you kidding me? That is not a brother.”

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Viewers have been reacting to the footage on social media.

One person says: “She lies through her teeth.”

Another viewer adds: “Omg she’s so calm… If that’s her brother… maybe he’s more than a brother.”

While a third comments: “Her actual brother watching and going ‘Oh hell no’ that ain’t me.”

Since the episode has aired, Zemek has confessed to cheating on her husband – but doesn’t believe that it was the reason their relationship ended.

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While she acknowledged she was having an affair ‘to an extent’, the reality star believes those boundaries had not yet been created between her and Edwards.

Speaking to Yahoo, Zemek explains: “In my mind at the time, I didn’t even think I was cheating on Jake. If anyone sees it that way, I’m happy to take it on board, but I know I stuck to my happiness and my truth.

“It’s not like I was having a s**ual relationship with Jake and had someone on the side. Jake was very aware of how I was feeling about him at that moment.”

She also believes that those working on the show edited the video to make it sound worse than it actually was.

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