McDonald’s Fan Explains How He Gets Chicken For Just 9p

A McDonald's fan has shared a hack that allows him to get chicken for 9p.
Credit: @rightguysreview/TikTok

A McDonald’s fan is going viral after explaining how he gets chicken for just 9p. 

The fast-food chain is known for its affordable menu, with burgers going for less than a pound in the UK.

Despite McDonald’s cheeseburgers rising in price for the first time in 14 years last year, it’s still reasonably cheap compared to most places.

But it hasn’t stopped customers from finding hacks that will get them even more money off their meals.

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One bloke, who goes by the username @rightguysreview on TikTok, has revealed how he orders Chicken Selects for only 9p.

The meal tends to cost £3.89 for three but through this self-service hack, he’s managed to slash the prices drastically.

He suggests that you select the Wrap of the Day, which costs £1.99, and then you can customise it to its bare bone.

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This means getting rid of the bacon, mayo, lettuce, tomato, smoky barbecue sauce and the tortilla wrap itself, leaving you with just the two Chicken Selects that come in it.

The TikToker orders two of these wraps and he’s then left with four Chicken Selects for £3.98 – which means he got the two extras for just 9p.

While the bloke’s evidently chuffed with his hack, people are taking to the comments and insisting he simply bought two Wrap of the Days – without all the extra ingredients.

Man holding McDonald's chicken piece.
The McDonald’s fan is going viral after explaining how he gets chicken for just 9p. Credit: @rightguysreview/TikTok

“Think a cleverer person would have just had all the stuff included with the wrap too,” says one person.

Another user adds: “So you paid the same as two Wrap of the Days for four Chicken Selects, you literally did yourself out of pocket there.”

“Paid for two wraps but thinks he’s clever for only having the chicken,” a third person remarks.

While someone else says: “Four for an extra 10p but no dip… why not leave it as a wrap.”

A fifth user comments: “But you still paid £4 for four pieces of plain chicken so hardly a bargain.”

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However, the TikToker has hit back at the negative comments by saying: “Missing the point. Some people only want Chicken Selects!!”

While many have criticised the bloke’s hack, others are taking to the comments and thanking him for the tip.

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One user comments: “I never know thanks so much I appreciate it.”

Another adds: “Absolute legend. Thanks for showing me this maccies hack!”

While a third person comments: “Pretty good actually.”

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