McDonald’s Customer Shares Secret $5 Combo That Isn’t On Menu

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after sharing McDonald's secret $5 combo meal.
Credit: @becomin_a_saint/TikTok

It’s no secret that McDonald’s offers a range of hidden menu items but the real intrigue lies in the fast-food chain’s combos – and a woman has revealed that there’s a hidden $5 one that not many customers know about. 

There’s nothing quite like popping into McDonald’s restaurant and walking out with a smashing deal that’s saved you a few pennies.

It’s also pretty great when you find out that you’re tucking into something on the menu that not everybody knows about.

A woman from New York is going viral on TikTok after revealing that she goes to her local McDonald’s and orders a $5 combo that isn’t on the menu.

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In a video that has amassed over 500,000 views, a TikToker who goes by the username @becomin_a_saint demonstrates how you can order a double cheeseburger or a McChicken burger with four McNuggets, a small portion of fries and a drink.

The woman drives up to the drive-thru and requests the ‘$5 meal’ and in response, the employee asks whether she’d prefer a double cheeseburger or a McChicken.

The employee then goes one step further and asks what sauce she’d like with her McNuggets, hinting an additional options with this special deal.

McDonald's secret combo
The McDonald’s secret combo means you can order a double cheeseburger or a McChicken burger with four McNuggets, a small portion of fries and a drink for just $5. Credit: TikTok/@becomin_a_saint

Shortly after making the order, the woman unveils the contents of her combo by opening the bag – and it’s a pretty good portion for just $5.

“You can’t beat that, I got it for my kids,” the pleased TikToker says.

Many people have taken to the comments and admitted they had no idea about this bargain combo.

“I need this!” one person gushes.

Another agrees, adding: “That’s a deal.”

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Others have taken to the comments and remained sceptical about the deal, as they say it’s not available in their area.

“Just tried ordering this, they didn’t offer the $5 meal,” claims one person.

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Some people have taken to the comments and said that the special combo is actually available on the McDonald’s app, with one writing: “I always use this on the app.”

“It’s not a secret,” somebody else insists. “It’s on the menu, at least where I am.”

While a third person says: “In NY state it’s called a ‘fan deal’. Exact same stuff, $5 nice.”

However, others have said it isn’t showing up for them and in response to this, the TikToker comments: “Different location areas have different deals I guess.”

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