Mia Khalifa And Emily Ratajkowski Slam Men Who Date Younger Women

Mia Khalifa and Emily Ratajkowski have slammed men who date young women. 
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Mia Khalifa and Emily Ratajkowski have slammed men who date younger women. 

Ratajkowski, 31, has been making headlines since separating from her ex-husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, 41.

It’s rumoured she’s now dating former Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson, 29, who has famously dated many celebrity partners in the past.

While she also recently appeared to come out as bisexual to fans on TikTok.

Khalifa, 29, who also recently seperated from her husband Robert Sandberg, 29, sat down with Ratajkowski on her podcast High Low with EmRata to discuss a number of taboo topics.

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One of the topics of conversation was age gap relationships, and the pair both had a lot to say.

Ratajkowski said: “Isn’t it crazy now that when you meet a 17-year-old or 18-year-old you’re like, ‘I could never even register you as s**ual or attractive in that way, because you’re a child’.

“There’s a voice in the back of my head all of the time when I think about men I know who date younger women, whatever, and I’m like ‘Oh yeah, is she mature for her age?’.

‘And then I’m like wait… what. And then you meet an 18-year-old girl. This is a baby. They’re pretending to be adults.”

Khalifa agreed, joking: “Yeah, they’re cosplaying!”

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She continued: “Any guy who goes after a girl significantly younger than them is severely lacking in their life and I mean that confidence-wise.

“They are falling in short in so many places and that is the only place they can turn to, to feel that they have something on the scale of power.”

Appearing to agree, Ratajkowski added: “Ultimately, it’s predatory.

“There’s just no way, because you’re just manipulating someone who is not aware of what they’re giving you.

“And it’s unfair.”

Some listeners of the podcast have since taken to social media and criticised the pair’s comments on age gap relationships.

One remarked: “It’s also the other way around younger women want to date older guys but no word on that.”

Another argued: “Or the younger person is manipulating the older person, who usually has the money but the older person knows that money isn’t everything.”

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In agreement, a third questioned: “How about the younger girls going after older guys? They are also predatory.”

While the majority of listeners have praised the pair for being so honest.

One fan penned: “You are both so powerful and I encourage y’all to continue on your revolution for woman’s empowerment!”

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“Feminism at its finest,” another commented.

While a third said: “Absolutely true. Red flag.”

“These two are brilliant. Could listen to them all day!” a fourth commented.

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