Mia Khalifa Says ‘Don’t Expect Your Wife To Do What Adult Stars Do’

Credit: @miakhalifa/Instagram

Mia Khalifa says men should not expect their partners to perform like adult film stars do in the bedroom.

Khalifa appeared on BBC’s HARDtalk and discussed the adult film industry with Stephen Sackur in a recently resurfaced interview.

The influencer, who was 26 years old at the time, said: “Everyone watches p***.

“It affects relationships, and p*** addiction is very prevalent – the things men see in the videos and expect from the women in their lives is not reality.

“No one is going to do those acts on a Wednesday night with the ones they love.”

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Khalifa added: “I wanted to do p*** as my dirty little secret, but it blew up in my face.

“It was terrifying.”

Khalifa began acting in adult films in October 2014, becoming the most viewed performer on P***hub in two months.

Her career choice caused controversy in the Middle East, especially after she appeared in a video wearing a hijab.

In the interview, the Lebanon-born media personality discussed how this had affected her life.

She told Sackur: “I verbatim told them they were going to get me killed.

“I was scared. I knew that if I said no – they’re not going to force you to do it as it’s r*** – I was still scared.

“I was intimidated and nervous.”

Mia Khalifa
Mia Khalifa has weighed in on the p*** industry and said, ‘Don’t expect your wife to do what adult stars do’. Credit: @miakhalifa/Instagram

Khalifa went on to say that afterwards, she saw her family – from Lebanon – begin to distance themselves from her, which left her feeling even more ‘alienated and alone’.

“There was no one to tell me what to do or say that this is wrong,” she said. “My family had no clue what I was doing, and they disowned me when they found out.”

She added: “I just realised that some mistakes aren’t forgivable, but time heals all wounds and things are getting better now.”

When the interview aired, many people took to social media and praised Khalifa for being so open and honest.

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One wrote: “I’m so happy this was posted. The p*** industry is disgusting. I admire Mia for not letting this tear her down and being an advocate against this heinous industry. Thank you.”

“Bravo to her for speaking out. We need more honesty in the industry,” added another. “Consumers are a big part of the problem. Why keep demand for a product that does so much harm?”

Elsewhere in the interview, Khalifa explained that she’s now become an influencer and she appears to have successfully done this, as she has a staggering 27 million followers on Instagram.

In her most recent post, she can be seen looking through a photo album, alongside the caption: “Cried myself to sleep every night this week from overwhelming joy. I can’t believe what we’ve done and what we’re almost ready to share with you… f***, this feels good.”

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