NBC Journalist Faces Backlash After Appearing To Question ‘Why The West Won’t Attack Russia’ 

NBC journalist Richard Engel is facing a backlash after appearing to question 'why the west won't attack Russia'. 
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NBC journalist Richard Engel is facing a backlash after appearing to question ‘why the west won’t attack Russia’. 

The chief foreign correspondent for the organisation recently took to Twitter and claimed the US/NATO ‘could likely destroy a Russian convoy’. 

He tweeted: “Perhaps the biggest risk-calculation/moral dilemma of the war so far. 

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“A massive Russian convoy is about 30 miles from Kyiv. The US/NATO could likely destroy it. 

“But that would be direct involvement against Russia and risk, everything. Does the west watch in silence as it rolls?”

Users quickly criticised the tweet, arguing that doing so would ’cause a nuclear war’.

One wrote: “This is NBC’s chief foreign policy correspondent, advocating for, uh, nuclear war. How is this journalism? This is utter madness.”

Another added: “Tell me you have never heard of nuclear weapons without saying you have never heard of nuclear weapons.” 

This is an NBC News US senior correspondent near-demanding that nuclear powers enter a hot war,” a third fumed. “It is always incredible to witness how so many American reporters become champions for US militarism, without a shred of concern for the human life they purport to care about.”

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Leaping to his defence, one Twitter user wrote: “He’s not advocating for nuclear war. He’s asking a hard question that I’m quite certain is also being asked in the Pentagon and in the White House.

“Dude, if we don’t ask the hard questions, we can’t successfully navigate the real world.”

Another compared his claims to Piers Morgan’s, saying: “No different to the positions @piersmorgan is taking.”

Morgan had also taken to Twitter and said: “There’s a 40-MILE convoy of Russian military vehicles heading towards Kyiv to surround the city, trap the people there, and bomb them into submission.

“Are we really just going to sit back and watch Putin do this? There’s a war crime unfurling in front of us. Who will stop it?” 

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