Neil Patrick Harris Explains Why He Doesn’t Want To Know Which Twin Is Biologically His

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burkta share twins, and Harris has explained why he doesn't want to know which is biologically his.
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Neil Patrick Harris has revealed why he never wants to find out which of his twins is biologically ‘his’. 

Harris, alongside his partner David Burtka, welcomed twins, son Gideon and daughter Harper, back in October 2010.

The twins were carried by a surrogate mother, with both Burtka and Harris donating s****.

This means that either of the twins could be biologically Harris’ or Burtka’s.

But now, Harris has opened up about why he doesn’t want to find out which…

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Harris is best known for his roles in major US TV shows including How I Met Your Mother and his terrifying performance in the mystery-thriller Gone Girl (2014).

However, Harris is also known for being a pioneer in terms of LGBTQ+ rights and was one of the first big names to start a family with his same-sex partner.

After his twins Gideon and Harper were born to a surrogate mother, Harris opened up about why he never wanted to find out which of them were biologically his.

He made the comments back in 2014, when his children were four years old, but has stuck by this viewpoint to this day.


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“I have no interest in [finding out]. We are their parents and I love them implicitly,” he explained.

“We inserted one of my s**** and one of David’s s**** into two eggs with the hope that they would both take, just because we both wanted to be dads biologically.

“Both [of the eggs] took, miraculously.”

Harris has also more recently opened up about parenting teenage twins.

“We keep being told that at a certain point, they’re going to hate us,” he joked in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“That hasn’t happened yet. So you know, so far, so good!”

“They’re good kids. We’ve done a good job. You know, you put the work in and you get it back, you know?” Burtka agreed.

Harris also shared an adorable birthday tribute to his children in October, writing on Instagram: “And, just like that, they’re teenagers.

“Happy birthday, Harper and Gideon. You are the lights of my life. I can’t wait to watch you want nothing to do with me, and I promise I’ll be with you through all of it. Just, wow.”

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In spite of Harris’ stance, some detectives believe they’re figured out who’s whose.

One speculated on Facebook: “They both look like his husband, so probably biologically they are both not his, but he is their dad no matter what! Love NPH!”

Another agreed: “he doesn’t need to know, we all know Harper has David’s face lol. excited that at least I get to know haha!”

A third opined: “The boy is his absolute double. And the girl looks like his husband, especially around her nose and mouth.”

While a fourth fan simply stated: “They are both his kids so it doesn’t matter!”

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