Netflix Viewers Can’t Stop Watching Brand New Series And Praise ‘Great Plot Twist’

Netflix viewers are enthralled by a brand-new series called Who Is Erin Carter? and are praising its 'great plot twist'.
Credit: Netflix

Netflix viewers are enthralled by a brand-new series and are praising its ‘great plot twist’.

The streaming platform’s collection of popular original TV series often features a diverse range of captivating shows.

Stranger Things offers a mix of supernatural mysteries set in the ’80s, while The Crown delves into the intrigues of the British monarchy.

Narcos explores the world of drug cartels, and Black Mirror presents thought-provoking dystopian tales, making these stand out among Netflix’s impressive lineup.

Now, users of the streaming service are captivated by a new series called Who is Erin Carter? and are praising its intriguing plot twist.

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Created by two-time BAFTA nominee Jack Lothian, the show features a stellar cast including Evin Ahmad, a Berlin International Film Festival award-winner, along with Sean Teale and Denise Gough.

Released on August 24, the show’s first season comprises eight episodes, and it has generated a range of opinions among its viewers.

The storyline revolves around Erin Collantes, a British teacher in Spain portrayed by Evin Ahmad.

When Erin becomes entangled in a supermarket robbery, one of the robbers recognises her, leading to a chain of events that threatens to unravel her life.

According to Netflix’s description, Erin’s journey unfolds as she grapples with her mysterious past: “Sometimes running from your past leads you right back to it.

“That’s how things are shaping up for British expat Erin Carter after relocating to Barcelona.

Who Is Erin Carter
Netflix viewers are enthralled by a brand-new series called Who Is Erin Carter? and are praising its ‘great plot twist’. Credit: Netflix

“Her exit from the UK was a bit rushed, but we don’t quite know why, and when her local grocery store is held up by gunmen, Erin, now a substitute teacher, starts kicking a**.

“Like, hard.

“So much so that the police begin to wonder how she’s managed it. She’s a teacher. How does she know all these slick moves?

“Soon, her tranquil life in Spain spirals out of control, and her mysterious – and violent – past is exposed.”

Fans of the show have taken to X (formerly known as Twitter) to express their enthusiasm, praising the ‘great plot twist’ and dubbing it a ‘must-watch’.

One person wrote: “Who is Erin Carter? is a 10/10, definitely a great watch.”

Another chimed in: “Who is Erin Carter? is actually such a good series like there are no boring moments!”

While a third said: “Who is Erin Carter? is a must-watch!!!”

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However, not everyone is equally impressed.

While some viewers find the series engaging, others have been quick to point out their issues with it.

One Twitter user admitted that despite the show’s flaws, it was hard to stop watching, describing it as a ‘strange mix’.

Another said: “Just finished a Covid binge-watch of Who is Erin Carter? on Netflix.

“Has some of the worst acting, clichés and plot turns in history and yet it was hard to stop watching it. If you’re looking for something to watch, give it a spin.”

In a review, The Guardian also criticised Who is Erin Carter? for its clichés and poorly executed dialogue, branding the mystery drama as ‘deathly dull’.

Nonetheless, the show’s premise seems to be compelling enough to draw viewers in, prompting them to form their own opinions.

As with any series, individual preferences vary, and opinions can diverge widely.

Ultimately, the only way to truly determine if Who is Erin Carter? lives up to the hype or disappoints is to experience it firsthand.

Who is Erin Carter? is now available to stream on Netflix.

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