‘Nightmare’ Image Shows Terrifying Reality Of How Man Died ‘The Worst Death Imaginable’

An image revealing the terrifying reality of how John Edward Jones died ‘the worst death imaginable’ in Nutty Putty Cave has gone viral.
Credit: Family Handout

An image revealing the terrifying reality of how a man died ‘the worst death imaginable’ has gone viral online. 

John Edwards Jones was just 26 years old when he passed away in one of the most horrific, slow and painful ways. 

His heartbreaking story has captivated the internet and while it’s left people emotional, his wife is still cruelly trolled all these years later. 

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Emily Jones Sanchez, who was pregnant at the time of Jones’ death, has been bombarded with vile comments on social media. 

Largely, the comments focus on the fact she married shortly after her husband’s death. 

“She moved on pretty quick I’d say,” wrote one troll. “Married again after just 3 years?”

Another said: “Clearly she had moved on, no mention of John anywhere or f***s given. And she married some guy 3 years after her husband died the worst death imaginable.”

Despite the cruel things people have said, Sanchez has ensured that Jones is still a part of her life. 

She tells Desert News: “I can say that I know for sure, without a doubt, I know there is life after death. 

“I know John is still alive. I know because I’ve been able to talk to him since he died, and I’ve had several experiences where the veil has been thin, and I’ve had these sacred moments where I don’t understand everything and my faith is not perfect, but I know he’s out there, and I know there’s life after death.”

John Edward Jones and Emily Jones Sanchez.
John Edward Jones’ wife, Emily Jones Sanchez, is still cruelly trolled following the tragedy. Credit: Family Handout

The tragedy, which was turned into a film called The Last Descent in 2016, began in November 2009 when Jones and his brother, Josh, visited Nutty Putty Cave in Utah. 

The site, which was popular for cave explorers and Boy Scout troops, was known for its narrow passageways. 

It was apparently named after the putty-like texture of the soft brown clay that was found in many of its passages, as per

It was estimated that the cave would receive around 5,000 visitors per year, with many visiting in the late hours and not taking proper safety precautions.

Before the tragedy of Jones, there had allegedly been four separate rescues that had taken place at the site due to its tight twists, turns and crawls. 

Due to its popularity, the cave’s rock became excessively smooth in places, to the point it was reportedly predicted a fatality could occur. 

In 2006, the site is believed to have been temporarily closed and a gate was installed. 

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Three years later, the year of the fateful tragedy, proper management was reportedly established and an application process was developed to ensure that proper safety precautions were taking place. It was then reopened for the public. 

Devastatingly, these actions did not prevent the tragic death of John Edward Jones. 

Jones and his brother entered the site at approximately 8 pm and the pair were keen to find a particular passage, which went by the name ‘birth canal’.

However, shortly into their journey, Jones entered an unmapped passageway – mistaking it for their intended destination.

At this point, Jones’ only option was to pursue a narrow vertical fissure, which he believed to be a turnaround. 

But instead, the spelunker had gone head-first into a dead end and was wedged upside down.

John Jones in the Nutty Putty Cave.
John Edward Jones found himself wedged upside down in Nutty Putty Cave. Credit: Family Handout

A large rescue team reached the site at which Jones was stuck – and they were under an enormous amount of pressure.

As the spelunker was in an upside-down position, a massive strain was being put on his cardiovascular system. This meant that his heart had to work against gravity to pump blood around his body.

A rope and pulley system was created in order to extradite Jones, however, it would fail when put under strain – leading to him plunging back into the tight space.

Despite being in such a terrifying position, Jones was as selfless as ever – sharing concern for his rescuers more than himself.

When one rescuer was injured by a loose carabiner that flew and hit him in the face, the spelunker harrowingly said: “Is he OK? I think he’s really hurt bad.”

Ultimately, Jones suffered a cardiac arrest due to the strain being placed upon his body – he had been trapped for between 27 and 28 hours.

It was concluded by rescuers that it would be far too dangerous to attempt and retrieve his body, therefore, the landowners and Jones’ family agreed that the cave would be permanently closed.

The 26-year-old’s body was sealed inside Nutty Putty Cave, as a memorial.

Following the tragedy, members of the spelunking community opposed the cave’s closure and there were even social media groups petitioning for it to be saved – which failed, as reported by the Daily Herald.

Years later, Jones’ death remains a harrowing tale on the internet.

A diagram showing the uncomfortable position in which the spelunker was placed has been shared online, with many describing it as a ‘nightmare’.

John Jones in the Nutty Putty Cave.
This is how John Edward Jones was positioned in the Nutty Putty Cave. Credit: MorbidPodcast/Reddit

In response, one person penned: “This is so much more terrifying than my brain had imagined it.”

“This is a nightmare, I didn’t think it was this bad,” another added. “I can’t believe how nice and collected he was till the end, I think I would have lost my mind.”

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