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Woman Whose Husband Died ‘The Worst Death Imaginable’ Still Cruelly Trolled 14 Years Later

John Jones
Credit: Jones Family Handout

The widow whose husband died ‘the worst death imaginable’ is still harshly trolled 14 years later.

26-year-old caver John Jones explored the Nutty Putty cave in Utah back in 2009 with his brother Josh.

The cave was first explored in 1960 and is known for its narrow and slippery passageways, twists, turns and squeezes.

Tragically, Jones lost his life while exploring it.

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While exploring an unfamiliar section of the cave, Jones got trapped upside down and hung there for over 24 hours before passing away.

While the Nutty Putty cave was a popular exploration site for cave explorers and Boy Scout troops, it has since closed to the public following Jones’ death and has now become a memorial site.

His wife, Emily Jones Sanchez, was pregnant at the time of his death and spoke to Desert News about how Jones’ passing inspired people in struggling relationships to persevere and work things out.

She shared: “I can’t tell you how many people came up to me and said, ‘Nobody knows this but we’ve been really struggling in our marriage’.

“And some people even said, ‘We’ve been considering divorce and after hearing about your loss and everything you’ve been through, it’s really just put life in perspective for us and we’ve recommitted to loving each other better and to our marriage and to our family’.”

John Jones
John Jones tragically died while exploring the Nutty Putty cave in 2009. Credit: Jones family handout

Even though she has moved on in her life – marrying Donovan Sanchez and welcoming another child – Emily is still subject to harassment and criticism from internet trolls.

Most of the hurtful remarks revolve around the fact that she remarried shortly after her husband’s death.

After posting a photo of herself and Sanchez on social media, she found herself bombarded with spiteful comments.

One person said: “I’m sure John wanted her to move 3 YEARS AFTER HIS TRAGIC DEATH.”

Someone else said: “She moved on pretty quick I’d say, married again after just 3 years?”

A third added: “Clearly she has moved on, no mention of John anywhere or any f***s given. And she married some guy 3 years after her husband died the worst death imaginable.”

Despite the hate she has received, Emily confirmed that Sanchez has ensured that Jones is still a part of their family life.

Jones Sanchez explains: “It’s never been hard to talk about John, it’s never been hard to remember John.

“Ever since the very beginning, ever since I first met Donovan, he’s been really comfortable with John continuing to be a part of our family and our lives, especially because of our kids.

“He just knows that the kids need to remember their dad so he’s good about wanting to stay in touch with the Joneses and he loves the Joneses.”

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Jones’ story was made into a film called The Last Descent in 2016 and despite the family initially having reservations about Jones’ death being made into a movie, they felt like his tale would highlight the importance of treasuring your loved ones.

Jones Sanchez shared with Desert News: “We weighed the pros and cons and we finally decided that if this movie could help people, if it could be a good thing, if people can learn to treasure their relationships and be reminded about how fragile life is, then maybe it’s worth it.”

The family were aware that giving the film’s director, Isaac Halasima, their blessing would also mean they were subjecting themselves to criticism and backlash from the public.

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