Nurse’s Mind Blown As Parents Tell Her She’s Been Pronouncing The Name Liam ‘Wrong’

A nurse has had her mind blown after parents told her that she has been pronouncing the name 'Liam' wrong.
Credit: @lindsey_56785678/TikTok

A nurse has had her mind blown after parents told her that she has been pronouncing the name ‘Liam’ wrong.

When it comes to name pronunciation, there is bound to be at least one name you’ll butcher.

While there is nothing wrong with saying a name wrong – as it can be a common and honest mistake – some names seem almost impossible to mess up.

And that’s why a TikTok video of a nurse being told she said the name ‘Liam’ incorrectly has gone viral.

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Taking to her social media page, the nurse – only known as Lindsey – admitted that she can be bad when it comes to names, but didn’t think she’d have any problems with ‘Liam’ after seeing it on a patient’s file.

She explained: “I’m a paediatric nurse and I’m from the deep, deep south, so I butcher everybody’s name.

“If it’s not something super simple like Ben or Sally, I’m gonna butcher it.

“So, I see a kid’s name on our computer and I say ‘Oh, Liam, I got this. L-I-A-M. Liam. Easy’.

“I go out, call the kid’s name, nobody moves. Call him again. Nobody moves. Call him again nobody moves.”

The nurse was left mind-blown after hearing how the parents pronounced the name Liam. Credit: @lindsey_56785678/TikTok

She then revealed that the patient’s mum stood up and told the nurse that her son’s name is actually pronounced ‘Yum’.

Yes, that’s right, ‘Yum’.

“And I say ‘No, Liam?'” the nurse continues. “And she said ‘Yeah, it’s short for William’.”

Lindsey finishes the video by doing a mind-blown gesture, adding ‘boom’.

@lindsey_56785678 #stitch with @doctorcarlton #namefail #nurse #icanteven #fyp ♬ original sound – Lindsey

While Liam has become a name in its own right, it was derived from the Irish name Uilliam and the old Germanic name William, as per Baby Center.

The clip has amassed 3.8 million views and people have taken to social media to discuss the pronunciation.

One person writes: “Since when has Liam been short for William!?!? That’s the bit that blew my mind. Liam is pronounced exactly the way she pronounced it…….. Is it not!!??”

“It’s not other people’s fault if they can’t pronounce a name you make up,” someone else adds.

A third says: “I’m confused… did I read it right? She called out Liam? So why would a kid respond to this if his parents called him Yum?”

“My son’s name was Liam. His new name is Yum,” shares another person.

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Other comments reference their own experiences when it came to the mispronunciation of names.

One person recalls: “Had a patient who spelt the name Xian. I pronounced it as if the x were silent. The mom corrected me by saying his name is Christian.”

Another writes: “My daughter is called Isla the amount of people who think she’s called IS-la.”

A third adds: “My daughter’s Belle, I thought quite a straightforward name. Until a doctor shouted Belly over the system when it was her turn.”

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