Woman Who Works In School Office Shares How She Judges Kids Based On Their Names

A woman who works in a school office has shared how she judges kids based on their names. 
Credit: @themissamanda/TikTok

A woman who works in a school office has shared how she judges kids based on their names. 

Plenty of celebrities have made the headlines for naming their kid’s unusual names, from Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow naming their daughter Apple, to Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott naming their son Aire

And while people tend to judge the A-listers for picking unheard-of names, you rarely hear people making judgements on your everyday names. 

However, one woman – who is known online as @themissamanda – is one of these people and she has a lot to say. 

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In one of her TikTok videos, she says: “Welcome to how I’m using your kid’s name to judge ’em part one. 

“As many of you know I work in a school office and in all the school offices we do have this conversation where your child’s name directly correlates with their personality.

“Here we go, we’re gonna start with the boys.”

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The first name on the TikToker list is Liam, while adding that pretty much any boy name beginning with ‘L’ will have the same personality traits. 

“Your child cries,” she says. “He cries a lot and those tears aren’t real.”

She then mentions the name Jack, saying boys with this name tend to be ‘hyperactive’ and ‘crazy’. 

While apparently boys named Isaiah will be ‘cute’ but also a ‘liar’. 

@themissamanda I want to say there are exceptions, but you know the truth. 😆 #kids #school #backtoschool #parenting #teachers #teachersoftiktok ♬ original sound – Miss Amanda

 In another video, the woman goes on to discuss girl names and shares her thoughts. 

She says that while girls called Olivia will be ‘sweethearts’ when they’re younger, they’ll become ‘b****es’ when they go to high school. 

The TikToker then discusses ‘old lady names’, including Lilith and Ruth. 

TikToker judges children off their names
A woman who works at a school has gone off on TikTok explaining that she judges children based on their first names. Credit: @themissamanda/TikTok

She says they need to ‘stop correcting her’, while also joking that their mums will need ‘a nice glass of wine and a long walk in the sunshine’. 

“Any name that implies innocence – Heaven, Angel, Purity, Charity – your child is the opposite, your child is the devil,” she adds. 

The woman also brings up the names Sophie and Sophias. 

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She says she doesn’t ‘know how this is possible’, but that girls with these names tend to be the ‘cutest, nicest, smartest girls on the planet’. 

The clips have gone viral, with the boy’s name garnering 11.7 million views while the girl’s video has 2.3 million.

Due to popular demand, the TikToker has continued to post videos of her judging children’s names – including gender-neutral names and ‘seasonal’ names such as ‘Sunny’.

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