Parents Name Baby After Internet Provider In Exchange For 18-Years’ Free WiFi

Parents have named their baby after their WiFi provider in exchange for 18 years free.
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Parents have gone viral after naming their baby after an internet provider – in exchange for 18 years of free WiFi, of course…

Choosing the right name for your baby is a huge responsibility for parents.

Many opt for a family tradition, or something with a sentimental meaning.

One family, however, went down a rather different route.

They opted for a rather more practical reason behind their baby name choice…

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Two Swiss parents decided to use their child’s name for financial gain.

They responded to an offer from the Swiss internet provider Twifi, who promised free WiFi for 18 years for any parent who incorporated the brand into their baby’s name.

It read: “Simply upload a photo of your child’s civil birth certificate. After verification, Twifi will give you 18 years of free internet.”

The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, decided to take the company up on their offer, naming their little girl Twifia.

While it may sound like a bizarre decision, there was some method to their madness.

Woman holding a baby.
The parents have named their baby after their WiFi provider in exchange for 18 years free. Credit: Alamy

The couple decided to put the money they would have been spending on their internet bills into a savings account for their daughter, which they would hand over once she turned 18.

They hope she can use the cash to learn to drive or to buy a car.

Twifia is the third of the child’s three names recorded on her birth certificate.

Her parents have kept her other two names quiet, so the girl can retain a level of privacy.

They also admit to being a little embarrassed about the choice.

“We want to remain anonymous to those around us because we don’t want to justify ourselves. Because the accusation of having sold our child’s name hits us very hard. We are also a little ashamed,” the pair reveals to Kidspot.

Strangely enough, the name has begun to grow on Twifia’s parents.

“The longer I thought about it, the more unique the name became for me, and that was when the thing got its charm,” her father says.

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Her mum agrees, adding that they found an unexpected but sweet double meaning to the moniker: “It’s his child too. And for me, the name Twifia also stands for connection in this context. For an eternal bond!

“There are much worse names. And the more often we say ‘Twifia’, the heartier the name sounds!”

Twifi boss Philippe Fotsch has committed to continuing to pay for the family’s WiFi, even if Twifi goes bust over the next 18 years.

“It’s a matter of honour,” he confirms.

Fotsch has also extended the offer to any other parents willing to incorporate Twifi into their baby’s name, so if you’re struggling to choose a title for your offspring, look no further!

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