People Horrified At Reality Of What Airport Security Could See When You Walked Through X-Ray Machine

People have been left horrified after someone revealed what airport security were able to see when you walked through the X-ray machine.
Credit: @greendaylover44/X

People have been left horrified after a Twitter user revealed what airport security were able to see when you walked through the X-ray machine.

When the full-body airport scanners came into effect in the UK, over ten years ago now, many people had one major question.

How much, exactly, of our bodies were these airport security personnel going to see?

Well now, a viral image from one of the scanners has left the internet shaken.

Because it’s safe to say, what they show doesn’t leave much to the imagination…

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Back in 2013, The Guardian reported that the introduction of these scanners ‘proved controversial as they produced a detailed, ghost-like image of the naked body, which was viewed by security staff’.

“All security scanners deployed now use automatic threat recognition software which means that no image of a passenger is produced, thus alleviating any residual health or privacy concerns,” the transport secretary, Patrick McLoughlin, promised at the time.

Airport security X-ray.
People have been left gobsmacked by what the X-rays showed. Credit: Alamy

These scanners were originally introduced after the failed underwear bombing on Christmas Day 2009.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab concealed dangerous explosives in his underwear on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, leading authorities to introduce extra safety measures in airports.

This means that, on top of keeping their liquids under 100ml, keeping their electronics separate, and even removing their shoes, some flight passengers are also subjected to these full-body X-ray scans, which are designed to look under your clothes.

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A Twitter user, known as @greendaylover44, posted a screenshot of his scan, and it’s safe to say, you can see everything.

In the USA, the Rapiscan scanners – which cost $180,000 each – were removed from airports following these concerns about nudity.

“Due to its inability to deploy non-imaging Automated Target Recognition (ATR) software by the Congressionally-mandated June 2013 deadline, TSA has terminated part of its contract with Rapiscan,” the TSA said in a statement at the time.

Airport security X-ray.
The X-ray images have gone viral on X. Credit: @greendaylover44/X

And one of the images from these controversial claims has shocked the internet.

@greendaylover44 posted the image alongside the caption: “TSA can see your c*** and balls whenever you walk through the X-ray scanner.”

“I honestly thought X-ray meant you can only see the bones,” one person replied.

Another joked: “Is this why I always get put aside?”

“Definitely tucking my junk next time through, just to see if I get a reaction,” another laughed.

“Imagine the TRAUMA the American TSA staff have to endure,” joked another user.

The OP also replied to his original tweet, joking: “I’m huge though so I’m not worried.”

And now he’s offered an update on the post, revealing: “This post will be four years old in a week. This is me and my girlfriend now, please stop asking to see my c***.”

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