Paris Hilton Says The Way South Park Portrayed Her Made Her Feel ‘Sick’

Paris Hilton says the way South Park portrayed her made her feel ‘sick’. 
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Paris Hilton says the way South Park portrayed her made her feel ‘sick’. 

South Park is an American animated series that follows four boys and their adventures in the titular Colorado town. 

Since its conception, it has faced a ton of controversies, from denouncing Scientology and branding it ‘a big fat global scam’ to depicting the Islamic prophet Muhammed in two of its episode. 

It’s also been slammed over its celebrity depictions, from its portrayal of Michael Jackson to its mocking of actors Tom Cruise and John Travolta. 

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And now Hilton, 42, is calling out the comedy show and how it portrayed her. 

The American socialite has opened up about how a 2004 episode impacted her mental health. 

The episode, which is titled ‘Stupid Spoiled W**** Video Playset’, follows the girls of South Park and how they become obsessed with a reality TV star. 

South Park depicts Hilton as having wonky eyes and frequently, she’s shown coughing up ejac*****. 

At one point, her pet chihuahua commits suicide as it grows tired of being the star’s pet. 

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In the ‘Stars Are Blind’ singer’s new memoir, ‘Paris: The Memoir’, Hilton says the parody ‘upset’ her. 

The poster featured my face and the tagline: ‘Watch Paris die!’ I didn’t mind that marketing approach, and I wasn’t naïve about why they chose it,” she pens (via 

“I’m the title character, but they also apply that epithet to Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Tara Reid, and all the little girls who were fans, which upset me more than anything ugly they could say about me.

“It also upsets me that the episode graphically portrays Tinker Bell [Hilton’s pet dog] being shot and killed.

“The thought of that made me sick. I’ve been involved in some pretty edgy media, but I don’t even know where something like that comes from.”

Paris Hilton in South Park.
Paris Hilton says the way South Park portrayed her made her feel ‘sick’. Credit: Comedy Central

As Hilton didn’t react to the episode around the time it aired, this maddeningly led to some harsh words from one of the comedy’s creators. 

The Simple Life star continues, claiming: “When a journalist told Matt [Stone] about my muted red-carpet response,” he said, ‘That shows how f***ed up she is’. 

“My not wanting to watch his cartoon about my dog being shot and me coughing up ejac***** — that’s evidence of how f***ed up I am.”

Hilton isn’t the only star to address having been mocked on the show. 

During South Park’s first season, singer Barbra Streisand was continuously made fun of. 

The ‘Woman in Love’ singer was portrayed as a giant named ‘Mecha Streisand’. 

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When the episodes aired, the award-winning star commented: “I wonder if shows like South Park and Beavis and Butthead don’t add to the cynicism and negativity in our culture, especially in children. 

“These youngsters are formulating their attitudes and maybe they come away feeling that any woman who dares to accomplish something is the incarnation of self-centeredness and greed.

“And that would be very unfortunate, especially for young girls.”

In response to Streisand’s comments, the creators created an episode called ‘Spookyfish’ in which images of her face are included. 

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