TV Presenter, 66, Marries Daughter’s Friend, 35, After Leaving Wife

Richard Keys, 65, has married his daughter's friend Lucie Rose, 34, after leaving his wife.
Credit: BeIn Sports

Richard Keys, 66, has married his daughter’s friend, 35, after leaving his wife.

The former Sky Sports presenter was sacked from his role on the channel along with pundit Andy Gray after the pair made inappropriate remarks about female referee Sian Massey.

In 2016, news broke that he had cheated on his wife with his daughter’s friend Lucie Rose.

Now, seven years later, the pair have now got married.

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The pair are believed to have tied the knot in a hush-hush £20,000 ceremony in Devon that was attended by only a few close family and friends, according to the Daily Mail.

However, Keys’ daughter Jemma was not in attendance.

He reportedly proposed to Lucie back in 2021, but Covid postponed their wedding.

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Keys had been married to his ex-wife Julia for 34 years and the pair moved to Qatar together after he landed a hosting gig with the Qatari channel BeINSports – along with his sidekick Gray.

This is where the presenter and Rose are believed to have been introduced through mutual acquaintances.

As news of their affair began to emerge, Julia filed for divorce from her husband – claiming that he had ‘run out of chances’ after she had stood by him following his sacking by Sky Sports.

It had also been reported that she was battling thyroid cancer at the time of the scandal, however, Keys denied this.

Speaking to The Athletic in 2019, the BeINSports host explained: “I’ll mention the unmentionable for you. Did I leave my wife fighting cancer? No.

“I don’t know what happened. I don’t know why our marriage ended the way it did, but my wife was fighting cancer for seven years before I left her and she had been in remission for seven years.

Lucie Rose
Richard Keys, 66, married his daughter’s friend Lucie Rose, 34. Credit: Instagram

“She and I went to London every day of her fight, prior to a ground-breaking operation that saw her in a period of recovery.”

“I wasn’t going to start engaging in a tit-for-tat, he-said, she-said, respond to everything that was said about me.

“If people believe that I walked away with my wife fighting cancer with a friend of my daughter’s, I can’t change that now.

“Tell a lie twice and it becomes the truth. Tell it on social media and it haunts you forever.”

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Julia spoke about the affair in her book ‘The MANScript’ – describing the scandal as ‘devestating’ for her and their two children Jemma and Josh.

She recalled how when she went out to Doha to support her husband’s new career avenue, she was introduced to Rose and Keys was often referred to as the ‘Doha Dad’.

“I remember at Richard’s birthday party — and I haven’t told anyone this before — just as I was leaving, Lucie grabbed my arm and said: ‘Are you leaving now, Julia?” she penned.

“She was so insistent, and I thought it was odd — then Richard was ages coming home.

“When I questioned him, he’d said Lucie needed to talk to him as she had a problem.”

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Julia also added how she encouraged her ex-husband to have an operation to fix a blocked artery – that could have possibly killed him.

The author added: “Richard was lying in hospital near death’s door from a heart artery defect after I had insisted on an early operation which saved his life.

“He was telling me he wanted me back, that we could save our marriage. Yet he’d had dinner with Lucie just the night before the op.”

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