Who Is Riley Reid’s Husband? Everything You Need To Know About Pasha Petkuns

Who is adult star Riley Reid married to? Here's everything you need to know about her husband Pasha Petkuns from age to job.
Credit: Riley Reid

Adult star Riley Reid married husband Pasha Petkuns in 2021 but what do we need to know about him? Here’s all the important details, from his dangerous job, age and his net worth.

Riley Reid, real name Ashley Matthews, has become one of the most popular adult stars around, raking in a huge net worth from her career and personal businesses.

But one part of Reid’s life that a lot of her fans are interested in is her husband, Pasha Petkuns who she married in July 2021.

Happy to share her relationship on Instagram, Reid is always extremely complimentary of her partner as they just marked their two-year anniversary this summer.

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With a baby daughter together, here’s a closer look at exactly who Reid’s husband is, including his age, bizarre job and net worth.

Riley Reid
Riley Reid married Pasha Petkuns in 2021. Credit: @letrileylive/Instagram

Who is Riley Reid’s husband Pasha Petkuns and how old is he?

Petkuns put a ring on Reid’s finger at the beginning of 2021, elevating his status from his sporting world to the adult industry Riley’s won awards in.

Born in Latvia in 1992, he is currently 31 years old, making him slightly younger than his wife who was born in 1991.

His career and videos are popular on social media as Pasha has 1.3 million followers on his Instagram page @pashatheboss.

What is Riley Reid’s husband’s job?

Not for the faint-hearted, Petkuns is a free runner which sees him run, jump, dive and do just about anything in public spaces. It’s both athletic and acrobatic and is extremely high energy along with being quite dangerous if you’re not a professional.

Petkuns is also the Red Bull Art of Motion Champion.

He began free-running in 2009 and his athletic page on Red Bull describes him as one of the ‘best in the world’.

“His dedication and originality make him one of the strongest free runners in the world and Pasha has picked up two Red Bull Art of Motion titles and came very close to taking a third victory on Santorini Island,” his page reads.

“But for Pasha, it’s not all about the wins – he says that free-running gives him everything that he wants in life – fun, food and friends.”

Pasha Petkuns wearing grey jumper on the London Eye
Pasha Petkuns is a world-famous free runner. Credit: @pashatheboss/Instagram

What is Pasha Petkun’s net worth?

Petkun’s earnings and net worth aren’t confirmed but it’s suggested he’s worth around $1-5 million.

His wife Reid, who has been in the adult industry since her early 20s, has an estimated net worth of $14 million.

Do Riley Reid and Pasha Petkun have a child together?

Yes! The happy couple welcomed their daughter Emma into the world in June 2022.

The couple have made the decision not to post much of their parenting journey on social media after they received horrible comments about their family.

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