Adult Star Riley Reid Shares Emotional Warning To Anyone Considering Joining The Industry

Adult star Riley Reid has shared an emotional warning to anyone who is considering joining the industry.
Credit: @CensoredMen/Twitter & @letrileylive/Instagram

Adult star Riley Reid has shared an emotional warning to anyone who is considering joining the industry.

The 31-year-old, whose real name is Ashley Matthews, is one of the industry’s biggest names – which is evident from the 46 awards she has won for her work.

She has also established herself as a popular social media influencer – who has two million followers on Instagram and just under one million on TikTok.

Reid has used her platform to speak out against the industry and now she has issued a warning for anyone who is considering it as a career.

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In a clip from an interview that has resurfaced on Twitter – which has been viewed 2.9 million times – Reid candidly reveals that the industry had a huge impact on her personal relationships.

She confesses: “A lot of times when people ask me if they should do p***, I tell them no.

“I tell them that it makes life really hard, it makes dating really hard, it makes your family life really hard, it makes intimacy hard.

“You have to be OK with being shamed every day of your life.”

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Even though she has since welcomed a baby daughter with her husband Pasha Petkuns – who she married in 2021 – at the time of the interview she admitted that she was embarrassed to have a child as she didn’t want them to be associated with her job.

Reid also feared that they would be treated differently because of her.

The former adult star proceeds to explain how her career choice caused her to have a strained relationship with her parents.

Her mother was initially supportive of her decision, but things started to sour once Reid started setting ‘boundaries’.

Riley Reid
Riley Reid has shared a warning to anyone considering joining the industry. Credit: @letrileylive/Instagram

“When I started to set these boundaries, not giving her money or things like that – it made our relationship a bit more difficult and almost toxic and so it sucks,” she reveals.

“I don’t have a mom anymore, I don’t talk to her, I miss having a mom.

“I feel like you can’t rewind and you can’t go back. I don’t have that relationship with her anymore. I don’t ever think I will and that bums me out. It bums me out a lot.”

Meanwhile, her work in the adult industry had an impact on her ‘religious’ father and she admits that she doesn’t see him because of her stepmom.

Reid emotionally continues: “I’m not allowed to go visit my dad anymore because my stepmom doesn’t like that I do p***.

“When I was like well can we go get coffee or breakfast, he was like ‘I don’t want to be seen in public with you’ and that just f***ing hurt so bad and it sucks.”

Fans have taken to the comments to show support for the former adult star.

One person says: “At least she has a sense of respect for others, Even if she can not respect herself!”

Someone else advises: “Ain’t worth it ladies, and you’re hearing it from one of the BEST. Trust me.”

“Finally, someone telling the truth,” comments a third.

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Another user admits: “I appreciate the raw honesty here. I like her more now than I did before.”

While a fifth person adds: “She says it is not a good career path and basically destroys your life, or at least it destroyed hers.

“It’s sad that she smiles while she talks about all the things that break her heart. You can tell she wants to cry, not smile. Sad.”

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