Samuel L. Jackson, 74, Explains How He Stays Looking So Young

Samuel L. Jackson., 74, has shared how he stays looking so young. See what he had to say here...
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Samuel L. Jackson has explained how he stays looking so young.

The legendary actor has appeared in hit films such as Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained, the Star Wars prequel trilogy and the Marvel Avengers movies.

He is also one of the highest-grossing actors of all time, having starred in more than 100 films that made more than $5 billion.

But Jackson doesn’t look much different from how he did at the beginning of his career – despite recently celebrating his 74th birthday.

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The actor previously opened up about looking ‘so much younger’ than he is during an interview

While promoting his movie Lakeview Terrace 14 years ago, a reporter complimented him on his appearance and asked him the secret to his success.

Jackson responded: “When I was a kid and I’d talk to my grandfather’s brothers and they’d say how old they were you’d be like ‘oh my god they’re so old’.

“Then you find someone who passes […] and you think that’s so young. 

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“Now I’ll be 60 this year, when I look in the mirror it’s not what I expected to see when I heard the word ‘Sam’ and ’60’ so maybe I do look a bit younger.

“Times have changed, we have better exercise regimes, do better with our diets, they have such great skincare products now, and if all else fails, find a good doctor.”

Fans were quick to compliment the star on social media after hearing he had celebrated his 74th birthday.

“74 years and don’t even look like it,” one follower wrote on Twitter.

Another wrote: “74??? Wtf!!! Black don’t crack.”

Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson has revealed how he manages to look so young, despite recently turning 74. Credit: Lionsgate

Someone else said: “He’s in his 70s and looks 37.”

“He looks the same,” another fan said.

While another fan said: “He still looks 50.”

Jackson’s fans have previously debated the reason for the actor’s youthful appearance.

One fan wrote on the question-and-answer website Quora: “How does Samuel L. Jackson look so young and act in a variety of roles despite being [74]?”

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Another fan replied: “This is a great question – it applies to many actors, not just Samuel L. Jackson.

“The vast majority of actors, whether or not they’ve had the tremendous success of someone like Jackson, understand that this is their career.

“It’s what they do (or want to do) for a living. And they know that in order to sustain a career in acting, you must take care of your body, mind, and soul.

“Those are your tools for doing your job. And they allow you to do a variety of different roles.

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“So, just like a professional athlete, you figure out or get help figuring out, from other professionals, what you need to do to do your job well.

“You eat a very healthy and balanced diet, you exercise, you don’t smoke or drink too much, get plenty of sleep.

“Many actors, because of their level of fitness, are able to keep acting well into what the rest of us would call ‘old age’.

“Thank goodness for that, and for great actors like Samuel L. Jackson!”


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The Django Unchained actor has been very open about his health in the past and the changes he’s made to stay healthy.

Fans of the actor have previously had concerns about his health when photos of him were released and they noticed he had lost a lot of weight.

However, Jackson addressed this by revealing he had switched to a vegan diet.

As reported by the Express, he explained: “Because I was losing weight, people thought I was dying.

“They feared I had cancer, but I was just on a hardcore vegan regime.

“My doctor said it was my greatest chance of staying alive – and it worked.

“I lost weight, lowered my blood pressure, lowered my cholesterol levels and my body mass index.

“But I’m lucky. I’m forced to get a full medical before every film otherwise I can’t get insurance.

“The average man doesn’t have that luxury, so it’s important they stay vigilant.”

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