People Left Disturbed After AI Creates Images Of Human-Shaped Animals

AI has created images of human-shaped animals and it has left people disturbed.
Credit: @u/seva98/Reddit

AI has once again been used to create uncanny images. However, these photos of human-shaped animals might be the most disturbing ones yet.

With artificial intelligence being used more and more in our day-to-day life, people have found creative ways to test and make the most of it.

From being used to show what the average couple from each country looks like to even showing what dead celebrities would look like if they were still alive.

But now, AI has been used to show what humans would look like if they were animals.

Yes, you read that right.

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Uploaded to Reddit, an account going by @u/seva98 has uploaded a series of pictures using the AI system called Midjourney.

While AI-constructed images do tend to be uncanny, these show some strange human-animal hybrids.

Firstly, a hulking figure of a man who looks physically imposing is shown coated in a turtle shell.

Human shaped as turtle
You wouldn’t want to pick a fight with him. Credit: Reddit/u/seva98

You may look at that and think ‘that doesn’t look too bad’. Well, the Reddit user obviously chose this one first to ease you in and the next series of AI-generated images are truly strange.

Next up shows a nightmare fuelled picture of a two-legged fly.

Covered in black spots across its grey skin, this looks like something that would haunt you in your sleep.

Human fly
The stuff of nightmares. Credit: Reddit/u/seva98

The third image continues with horrific hybrids as it shows a picture of a half man, half fish looking type of thing.

It looks like something you’d expect to see in one of Aquaman films.

If you continue through the images, you’ll continue seeing more bizarre images – including one that looks like a C-list superhero and another shows a mantis looking like something from the Star Wars franchise.

Human mantis
You could definitely see this showing up in a galaxy far far away. Credit: Reddit/u/seva98

However, they save the most questionable image till last as it shows a man who has the stomach of a rhino.

Some people got the wrong idea from the image and have implied that the man looks like he’s having some ‘fun’ with the rhino.

While others joked that it looks like the guy just ate a whole rhino.

Human rhino
Make what you will with this picture. Credit: Reddit/u/seva98

Others have taken to the comments to react to these AI-generated images.

“[Picture] eight is just a Power Rangers villain,” claims one person.

“Wtf is going on on the last one,” questions someone else.

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Another person adds: “The peacock makes me feel weird.”

“New Pokemon live-action movie?” jokes a fourth person.

If you want to check out all the images, click here.

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Written by Rosario Monachino

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