‘Squid Game’ Fans Cause Debate Over Outfit Colour Of Guards

Squid Game fans are having trouble deciding what colour outfit the guards are wearing.
Credit: Netflix

Squid Game fans are having trouble deciding what colour outfit the guards are wearing.

It all started when TikToker @qu33f_muncher shared a post saying: “I think the people who say they are red just don’t like that they are pink.”

To prove their point, the Squid Game fan got up a picture of one of the guards and drew a red and pink squiggle beside them, which showed that the overall looks closer to pink.

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Over in the comments, they then added: “The song’s name is ‘Pink Soldiers’ and the director even said they are pink.”

Despite the ‘evidence,’ many viewers of the popular Netflix show blasted the TikToker and insisted that the guards are definitely kitted up in red.

“That’s just the lighting in the drawer room,” one person commented. “They are clearly red.”

Another added: “It’s not pink, it’s lightish red!”

Joining in, a third said: “I’ll just call them red guards because pink guards just sounds weird?”

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Squid Game
Squid Game fans can’t decide whether the guards are wearing red or pink uniforms. Credit: Netflix

However, the majority of people in the comments said the guards are 100 percent wearing pink.

One fan said: “They look pink in every lighting and behind the scenes photo, and even in that pop-up place in Korea. I don’t know how people see red at all…”

Pitching in, a second pointed out: “Blood stands out on them, it’s HOT pink.”

“I never even once considered them red. That’s so obviously pink?” a third commented.

Although it’s not been clarified what colour the guards are supposed to be wearing, Squid Game’s director, Hwang Dong-hyuk, claimed that he wanted the watchmen to look like they were a point of an ‘ant colony’.

According to Koreaboo, he said: “At first, I wanted a boy scout-like outfit but it showed the men’s figures too well. It didn’t really make them look like ants in an ant colony.

“They needed to cover their entire body. And the best option to keep them anonymous was a jumpsuit. With a hoodie too, because they need to cover their faces.”

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