Airline Bans Teen From Flying After Using ‘Skiplagging’ Scheme To Save Money

An airline has banned a teenager from flying after using a 'skiplagging' scheme to save money.
Credit: Lisa Cain Parsons/Facebook & Alamy

An airline has banned a teenager from flying after he used a ‘skiplagging’ scheme to save money.

As with everything at the moment, the cost of getting a plane ticket is expensive – with prices rising by as much as 25%.

Gone are the days when you can just get a cheap, last-minute flight and hop on a flight (unless you’re loaded) and now you have to save and save.

So you can’t blame some people and trying to play the system and look for cheaper alternatives.

However, for one teenager it’s backfired massively.

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17-year-old Logan Parsons wanted to book a flight from Gainesville, Florida, to Charlotte in North Carolina.

Realising how pricey this was, he did skiplagging – a controversial loophole in which you pay for a connecting flight to a destination but you don’t actually get on the second flight.

So in Parsons’ case, it was actually cheaper to book a flight to New York via Charlotte rather than flying directly to Charlotte – as it only cost $150

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However, gate agents in Florida noticed that Parsons had a North Carolina driver’s license and suspected that he had no intention to get on the carry-over flight to New York.

The teen’s father, Hunter, tells Insider that they were forced to pay $400 for a ticket to Charlotte – adding that his son ‘didn’t know’ that he ‘did anything wrong’.

“He was left to fend for himself 500 miles from home,” he continues.

“He never violated any policy or broke any contract. He simply went to a counter to get his boarding pass.”

Due to his skiplagging attempt, Parsons has now been banned from flying with American Airlines for three years.

Skiplagging, a money-saving plane ticket hack, has led to one 17-year-old receiving a three-year ban from flying. Credit: Alamy

Hunter added that his family had never abused any loopholes to save money – adding that his son’s attempt was the first time anyone in his family had done so.

“With that said, we have always seen every flight through to its final destination,” he adds.

“Never once (even now) have we missed a connecting flight nor did we know we were breaking a contract if we ‘were’ to have done it.”

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Back in 2021, American Airlines addressed that they would be cracking down on skiplagging and anyone who attempts to get cheaper flight tickets.

Meanwhile, United Airlines reportedly charged one customer several thousand dollars after he had skiplagged 38 times.

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