DoorDash Customer Shares Footage Of Driver’s Furious Reaction To Being Given 25% Tip

A DoorDash customer has shared footage of a driver's furious reaction to being given a 25% tip.
Credit: @ladybug3660/TikTok

A DoorDash customer has shared footage of a driver’s furious reaction to being given a 25% tip.

In the ongoing saga of tipping controversies, another dispute has emerged, fueling the discussion about what constitutes a reasonable tip.

Until a resolution is reached, there will continue to be arguments between delivery drivers, servers, and customers about tips that are too small or not given at all.

In the latest incident, a DoorDash driver found himself infuriated after receiving a 25% tip from a customer who resided in what he perceived to be a ‘nice’ house.

Watch as DoorDash driver takes customers’ food after saying they delivered it…

The episode was shared on TikTok by Lacey Purciful, who had ordered a $20 pizza and tipped the driver $5.

The driver, who reportedly identifies as a man called Corey, initially engaged in a seemingly polite and cordial exchange upon reaching Lacey’s residence.

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Following the handover of the food, Corey glanced at the house and remarked: “I just want to say, it’s a pretty nice house for a $5 tip.”

Taken aback by his comment, Lacey sarcastically replied: “You’re welcome,” which triggered a less-than-friendly response from Corey as he walked away, exclaiming: “F*** you.”

DoorDash driver furious over tip.
The DoorDash customer shared footage of the driver’s furious reaction to being given a 25% tip. Credit: @ladybug3660/TikTok

Accompanying the video, Lacey, a homeowner from Texas, pondered: “So how much should I be tipping for a $20 pie?”

This prompted an outpouring of opinions in the comments section.

Some defended Corey, expressing sympathy for his perspective: “I don’t blame him. Why give him a $5 tip for a 6-figure home you live in?”

Another supporter remarked: “No, I agree. It’s expensive to drive there and implies a lack of regard for someone who depends on their vehicle.”

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However, the prevailing sentiment revolved around disbelief and disapproval of Corey’s rude behaviour during the encounter.

One commenter wrote: “I’m wondering if you let his employer know what he said to you. That boy needs some manners and humility.”

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While another suggested: “I hope you took the tip back. He didn’t have to accept the order. All he did was pick up food.”

Lacey confirmed that she lodged a formal complaint with DoorDash and attempted to retract the $5 tip.

Additionally, she claimed that the driver had been fired as a consequence of the incident.

While Corey may have considered the $5 tip inadequate, despite exceeding the customary 20% guideline, it is crucial to remember that displaying good manners costs nothing.

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