That ’90s Show Viewers Are Pointing Out All The Things It Gets Wrong About The ’90s

That '90s Show viewers are pointing out all the things it got wrong about the '90s. 
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That ’90s Show viewers are pointing out all the things it got wrong about the ’90s. 

The sequel series to the late 90s/early noughties sitcom That ’70s Show recently debuted on Netflix.

It is set 15 years after the original and it centres on Leia Forman (played by Callie Haverda) as she makes friends with a new generation of Point Place kids while visiting her grandparents in Wisconsin (played by Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith).

With the TV show being set in the 90s, viewers who grew up during that time have been comparing the show’s depiction of the 90s to how it actually was.

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During its original run, That ’70s Show had some inaccuracies about the 70s – such as listening to music that hadn’t come out yet and how modern cars could be spotted in the background.

Viewers have now noticed that this trend has carried over to That ’90s Show, as they have pointed out a number of things that the show has got wrong about the 90s.

As covered by Ranker, the first error is a picture of the Lambeau Field stadium that is spotted behind Leia in episode 5.

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The framed picture of the Wisconsin stadium in That ’90s Show is actually a photo of the renovated field that was completed in 2013.

The next blunder fans have spotted is Ozzie (Reyn Doi) wearing a Phantom of the Opera hoodie.

While the show was around in the 90s, the hoodie that he is wearing features a modern design of the logo.

Viewers have also noticed a couple of brands that feature modern logos, rather than 90s-accurate product placement.

The 2013 Doritos logo and the 2021 Pringles logo are both spotted in the background, which both were obviously not around in 1995.

The show has also been guilty of quoting films and songs that weren’t even out at the time too.

The '90s Show
The ’90s Show viewers are pointing out all the things it got wrong about the ’90s. Credit: Netflix

In the first episode, Gwen is belting out Alanis Morissette’s anthem ‘You Oughta Know’.

However, this song came out three days after the show started on July 3, 1995.

In another instance involving Gwen, she says: “Thanks for the ride, but could you go get your groove back somewhere else?”

This is a reference to the film and novel How Stella Got Her Groove Back, with the movie coming out in 1998 and the book releasing in 1996 – both after when the show is set.

People also noticed that they could see copies of The Lost World: Jurrasic Park in the background – a film that came out in 1997.

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The final thing that Ranker pointed out was that the animated Donkey Kong segment features a more modern design of the character.

In the second episode of the series, Leia hallucinates that her grandparents are Donkey Kong characters after getting high.

However, viewers think that the characters are not animated from 1995’s Donkey Kong Land or Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest.

Instead, fans believe the characters share more of a resemblance to 2004’s Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.

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