People Are Saying Underrated Horror Movie From 2009 Is One Of The ‘Scariest Films Ever’

The Collector, a horror film that was originally meant to be part of the Saw franchise, has been named the most underrated scary movie ever.
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A horror film that was originally meant to be part of the Saw franchise has been branded one of the ‘scariest movies ever’.

The iconic franchise revolves around a fictional serial killer who puts his victims through brutal traps as they fight for survival.

There has been nine Saw movies so far and the franchise has grossed over a billion dollars at the box office.

There was a pitch for a film to come out after Saw III but it was turned down.

However, that didn’t stop the writer to turn it into his own movie – which has now garnered a reputation for how horrific it is.

Watch the trailer for the ‘most underrated scary movie ever’ below…

The Collector follows a man who decides to break in and rob a house in an attempt to clear his financial debts.

However, upon entering the property, he discovers that someone has already broken in and they have a much more sinister intention.

The Collector only scored a rating of 28% on Rotten Tomatoes, but despite its low score fans have praised it for its violence and the performance of the villain.

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The movie has also gained a cult following and fans have taken to social media to praise it.

One fan writes: “I like how this isn’t one of those tryhard movies that jumpscare you every five seconds. The whole time I was on the edge of my… couch. Must watch.”

Another person comments: “I really loved this movie. It’s a MUST-see for every horror/thriller fanatic! I like endings like this because you can use your imagination!”

“Most underrated scary movie ever,” insists a third fan.

The Collector
The Collector has been called by fans as the ‘most underrated scary movie’ of all time. Credit: LD Entertainment

One user adds: “One of the best horror movies ever! I’m surprised not a lot of people have seen this movie. It’s excellent!”

“This is honestly the scariest movie I’ve ever seen,” someone else comments.

A sixth fan explained: “Oh my gosh. I am a scary movie FANATIC and they really usually don’t scare me much, but THIS MOVIE had me terrified! 

“It was perfect and got right to the point it had me screaming, covering my eyes and my heart was racing. The Collector is now my favourite horror movie of all time. A MUST SEE!!”

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The concept of The Collector initially stemmed from a planned spin-off of the Saw franchise which would have acted as a prequel.

The box office success of The Collector was enough to garner a sequel too called The Collection which came out in 2012.

A third film was also in the works called The Collected, but this got shelved in 2021.

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